Woodland Hills may be the county's third-smallest city or town, but percentage-wise it grew more than any other Utah County community during the past century. In fact, according to the 1990 Census, no other Utah community grew more than Woodland Hills. The town's population of 301 is up more than 400 percent since 1980.

Woodland Hills residents also are among the county's wealthiest. The average home price in Woodland Hills is the highest in the county at $135,600. The average home in Woodland Hills has 8.8 rooms.Like the neighboring town of Elk Ridge, Woodland Hills is a family community - as evidenced by having the county's second-lowest median age of 16.8 and the county's third-highest household size of 4.78.

According to town clerk Georgia Blanchard, many Woodland Hills residents are doctors, lawyers and other professionals who commute long distances to work.

Woodland Hills contracts with Salem City for police protection, and according Salem Police officials the town has a very low crime rate. Most calls to Woodland Hills involve minor offenses.

Origin of town name

In the early 1970s, a development company built a subdivision in the foothills southeast of Salem. Because the homes were built among the oak trees on rolling hills, the development company called the subdivision Woodland Hills. Years later when the subdivision residents decided to incorporate, they kept the development's name as the town's name.

Date of incorporation

Dec. 14, 1979

Did you know

Even though Woodland Hills has no town facilities and all town functions are carried out in the homes of town officials, that likely will change someday. The town owns property for a future town office building and an adjoining town park. However, it likely will be at 10 least years before any action is taken on the project.

Median home price



No facilities


Murder 0

Rape 0

Robbery 0

Aggravated assault 0

Burglary 2

Median age


Average household size


Political profile

In the 1988 presidential election Woodland Hills residents voted in the Salem No. 2 voting district. However, that has since been changed and Woodland Hills will have its own voting district for the 1992 presidential election.

In the 1988 election, there were 898 registered voters in the Salem No. 2 district. Of those 898 voters, 881 or 92 percent cast ballots - one of the highest voter turnouts in the county.

George Bush received 562 or 63 percent of those votes. Michael Dukakis received 219 or 24 percent of those votes.


301, Utah's 179th-largest city or town

White 288

Hispanic 10

Black 0

Asian or Polynesian 3

American Indian 0

Sources: Utah County Elections Office, Salem City Police Department, U.S. Census and Woodland Hills Town Clerk Georgia Blanchard.