John Grover's letter in response to mine on Outcome Based Education does not reflect that he even read my letter, or if he did he did not comprehend what I was saying (Forum Dec. 1).

The thesis of my article was and remains that schools are for training people to think for themselves and not to reinforce parental values or views held by any other group, be they liberal or conservative. Further, schools are not the place for religious dogma to be taught. Finally, critical thinking is a tool to enhance thought and inquiry on subjects of critical importance to life and to our society.Secondly, I slandered no one or no institution. Yet, I really do not see the same respect out of Grover. I provided many broad factual proofs for Outcome Based Education's success, and I give a lecture on this if invited. Outcome Based Education has lowered violence, stopped dropouts and motivated many to succeed. I have personally taught 100 students locally this fall who will back that statement up.

I am an average white male (half American Indian and over 40) who has professed beliefs that we should stop hating, stop intolerance and the Eurocentric notions that only white males can solve the problems of the world by reverting to 19th century mentality. Outcome Based Education came out of looking for approaches that would answer education for all, not just white children or adults - and remember, "to all" includes everyone, for we as a society have denied such to many groups - including poor whites.

The Nov. 8 election was not what Grover represented. However his comment about the "Busches of the world" was shameless and dangerous in its own right. The GOP majority now in Congress will, I predict, increase racial division and violence, heighten the need for gender equity and repeat the extravagances of the Reagan years that drove many good people into bankruptcy and ruin.

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With the growing awareness by many people, including scholars trying to awaken society to recognize that it is made up of many groups and that white is and will continue to be a minority, the attempt toward institutional and racial apartheid could generate a ground swell in which women, minorities, the poor, and all groups, including whites, realize they are nothing more than pawns for intolerance and unite to throw all non-sympathetic Eurocentric males out of all institutions.

I support a woman in the White House who believes in equity for all. I support anyone who continues to believe and runs for office on that belief, in the equity and justice and tolerance of all, including women, children, minorities, intellectuals, handicapped, aged, and any others who have been disenfranchised by a system that is unequal. Those who continue to fight for equity also know that there are no quick solutions, only 110 percent effort for their cause.

Ty Busch

Salt Lake City

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