Gregory Peck, who will be 82 in April, still peruses scripts that producers send his way, but he's afraid of being typecast.

"They always have an old codger in a home with a precocious grandson, and he springs me, and we go on to enormous adventures," the Academy Award-winning actor told Parade magazine for Sunday's issue. "They're all dreadful, and I won't do 'em."Peck found a script he liked in a new TV version of "Moby Dick," in which he makes a cameo role as Father Mapple and Patrick Stewart plays the driven Captain Ahab.

"I play this cameo, and I get to do all the talking! Six minutes of hell and brimstone. Great fun," said Peck, who starred as Ahab in John Huston's 1956 film version of the Herman Melville tale.

"Moby Dick" airs March 15-16 on the USA Network.