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Authorities say escaped prison inmate Curtis Allgier, on the run after killing a corrections officer, pointed the gun at an Arby's employee and pulled the trigger.

The gun malfunctioned.

It was then that Allgier pistol-whipped two of the employees and Eric Fullerton jumped into the fray.

Fullerton, 59 and a former Army paratrooper, struggled with Allgier until the gun was knocked away.

New information obtained from booking reports at the Salt Lake County Jail detail the frenzied 50 minutes between the time police say Allgier, a white supremacist, shot and killed the Utah corrections officer and the time of his capture when he was found hiding in the manager's office of the fast food restaurant.

Allgier was being treated at the University Hospital's Orthopaedic clinic, 590 S. Wakara Way, early Monday morning. He was getting a MRI for lower back pain.

"After Allgier was treated and was changing back into his prison clothing he attempted to escape," according to a booking statement from the Salt Lake County Jail. "Officer Stephen Anderson then attempted to prevent the escape."

Allgier was able to get Anderson's gun, which he then used to fatally shoot the 22-year Utah Department of Corrections veteran in the head about 7:45 a.m.

Allgier fled from the clinic and ran to Foothill Drive and Wakara Way. There he carjacked a SUV with two people inside, police say.

Salt Lake City police, acting on information of where Allgier might be headed, spotted him near 900 West and 400 South. A 40-minute chase ensued reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph. The chase made a loop from southbound I-15 to westbound I-215 to eastbound State Route 201 before exiting on Redwood Road.

Allgier abandoned his vehicle in the parking lot of Arby's, near 1700 South Redwood Road, and ran inside the restaurant where there were about 10 customers and employees.

"Allgier entered the Arby's and held the gun in the air and told everyone to get on the ground," according to the booking report. "Two Arby's employees then attempted to take Allgier into custody. Allgier pointed the gun (at) one employee and pulled the trigger. The gun had a malfunction and didn't fire. Allgier then hit both employees with the gun."

Fullerton then got involved and knocked the gun away.

The heavily-tattooed suspect then fled to the back of the restaurant and was arrested a short time later without further incident by police who found him hiding in the manager's office.

Allgier was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated murder, a capital offense, and carjacking, a first-degree felony, escape, attempted homicide, aggravated assault by a prisoner and theft of a firearm, all second-degree felonies, and fleeing causing property damage and a weapons violation, both third-degree felonies.

Allgier was being held Tuesday at the Salt Lake County Jail on no bail for all charges.

The Salt Lake District Attorney's Office was expected to file charges within the next day or two. Because of the aggravated circumstances of killing a law enforcement officer and committing a murder during an escape attempt, Monday's incident could result in prosecutors pursuing the death penalty.

Arby's reopened its doors Tuesday morning.