LEHI — Police are offering residents a friendly reminder to keep their garage doors closed and locked after a rash of burglaries in the area.

The open doors make tools, bicycles and other valuables easier for criminals to steel.

That’s why Lehi police officer Gavin Johnson was keeping an eye out for open garages, easy pickings for a thief.

“Sometimes they will hang around a little bit, just to make sure and see if someone is going in or out, or if someone is in the garage and then make their break,” Johnson said, noting that thieves will steal purses or other valuables out of cars — and sometimes cars themselves.

“Usually people will say they left their car running and they went to go inside for something and someone takes their car pretty quick,” Johnson said.

And in some cases, open garages give brazen burglars access to get inside the home. While perhaps a few thieves want money for Christmas, in most cases they are motivated by a drug addiction, Johnson said.

Criminals, what they do is steal stuff and sell it so they can get some money to buy their dope or whatever it is,” he said.

Police admit these garage burglaries can be tough to solve without serial numbers on the stolen items.

So that’s why Johnson is doing his part, offering some friendly reminders around town, hoping it helps to prevent a call from someone about a theft in their garage.