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With so much change in the in the modern workplace, there is one office tradition that remains popular: the holiday party. Often a stressful ordeal to plan, a well-executed party can go a long way to positively building a company’s culture and promoting loyalty among employees.

Here are five tips for planning the best-ever company holiday party or corporate event.

Choose an appealing venue

Choosing a great location is one of the best moves you can make to ensure the success for your company holiday party. The Business Journals recommends picking a family friendly place for the party, such as a restaurant, theme park, or sporting arena — somewhere attendees can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

There are many accommodating, family-friendly local venues in the Salt Lake area for holiday parties and corporate events. Booking an appealing location sends a message to employees that the company cares about them and their families.

Create an environment for socializing

Another way to make your party or corporate event a success is to stress to your management that this is a time to lead, set the example, and socialize with employees, especially those overlooked in day-to-day activities of the office.

“Socializing with your coworkers is essential for your career,” Alexander Kjerulf, an expert on happiness at work, told Forbes. “If you're not able to relate to your coworkers as human beings and build positive relationships, your career will suffer. Socializing and getting to know them as people will help you to communicate better, trust each other more and work better together.”

Planning an event or party where co-workers socialize with each other and management will ensure the party is remembered long after the night is over.

Be smart about the cost of your party

Showing that you're conscious of budgets sends a message about your company’s culture and financial status.

For example, The Business Journals suggests that if you had layoffs or others financial struggles during the year, throwing an extravagant holiday party or corporate event will send the wrong message to your employees.

Conversely, if the company has had a successful year, don’t plan a low-budget party where employees will feel underappreciated. Be generous in your appreciation, while keeping the company’s mission and success story intact.

Show your team appreciation

One way you can plan the best-ever holiday party is to show tangible appreciation to your team and their families. This may be in the form of prizes, gifts, or bonuses, depending on what your company can afford.

“Accompany the gift with a personal note of thanks from the manager (best) or a personalized thank you note from the company," according to The Balance Careers. "Employees appreciate and save these notes for years and post them in their workstations for a constant reminder.”

Begin with the end in mind

With any important event, plan with the end in mind. FranklinCovey explains that a goal is far more likely to be achieved when each project begins with a clear vision of what you would like to accomplish. This means meeting with management, asking co-workers for recommendations, and allowing the planning to take shape around the aims of your party or event.

Planning can be overwhelming, but having the end goal in mind from the beginning can offload some of the anxiety of the event.

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