In recent years, board games have made an incredible comeback. One could say it is the "golden age" of board gaming right now. Thousands of new titles are published every year and some board games started on kickstarter have raised millions of dollars.

Here is a list of short descriptions about some great board games many people have probably never heard of. Read on and discover something that peaks your interest. Games are in alphabetical order.

  1. A Feast for Odin is the right game to play if you enjoy the games Agricola or Caverna. In this Viking-themed game, each turn players must decide what space to activate for building ships, covering player boards, feeding Vikings and creating jewelry. This is what worker placement is all about.
  2. Adventure Land is a simple game for families. On a grid-system board, players maneuver to collect resources and fight monsters in a lightly themed fantasy setting. But there is no going back. Progress must always move forward.
  3. Albion's Legacy lets players take on the roles of Arthurian knights and traverse the realm cooperatively defeating evil. Collect artifacts and weapons to defeat adversaries and compete in the famous chronicles of King Arthur.
  4. Amerigo is about exploration, trading and discovery in the Age of Sails. A unique cube tower collects action cubes and then randomly disperses them to allow certain actions. Explore South America and build settlements.
  5. Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest Beyond the Grave are campaign-based dungeon-delving adventure games. Two to four players create a guild of heroes and attempt to defeat the evil vampire lord over the course of multiple scenarios.
  6. Armageddon provides a post-apocalyptic world that players try to rebuild. During building activities watch out for marauders who want to pillage the newly constructed town.
  7. Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn is a card game for two players. Players take on the roles of demigods and protectors of the world. They fight each other by using the cards from their decks forming attacks and defenses. The game can be expanded with additional character decks.
  8. Assault on Doomrock is a cooperative game set in a funny, fantasy world. Players combine two card descriptions to create a character. For example, stinky warrior, tired barbarian or frustrated mage. When the party of heroes is complete, the adventure begins and the group ventures out to find fortune and glory. Players must defeat horrible encounters of progressive difficulty.
  9. Automobiles is a racing and building game using colored cubes. The cubes are drawn from a bag and depending on the color they can be used to upgrade handling, speed, pit crew and other assets of a car. Customize and cross the finish line first to win.
  10. Beasty Bar is a card game about animals lining up to get into a bar. Each card has a number to indicate priority but also each one has a special rule. Get your animal cards in first to score points.
  11. Between Two Cities requires players to cooperate by building cities with the players sitting next to them. The best cities score points but only the smaller of the two will be scored, so a balance must be struck to win.
  12. Blood Rage is a fantastic war game with card drafting, excellent miniatures and a beautiful map. Play centers around the theme of Norse mythology and the might of the Vikings.
  13. Chaos & Alchemy is about laboratory building. Players are rival alchemists. Each turn dice are rolled and compared to a common fortune die. A success allows the play of cards that become alchemical innovations, and points are scored. Score 10 points to win.
  14. Clank! gives players the challenge of exploring the dungeons beneath a castle that belongs to a terrible dragon. Build a unique deck of cards to use throughout the game, grab treasure and get out. Don't make too much noise or the dragon attacks.
  15. Clockwork Wars takes players on an epic journey of conquest, discovery and espionage. Two to four players will each be represented by a fantasy race. Build up cities, discover technologies and produce units. The faction with the most victory points will win.
  16. Codenames is a game about secret identities, bluffing, clue giving and guessing. Each team tries to make contact with the secret agents on their team. One-word clues can point to multiple words on the board. A player's teammates try to guess words of the right color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin.
  17. Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach is an expansion to the game Colt Express. In the base game, a group of Western bandits are attempting to rob a train. The expansion adds a stagecoach that can ride along with the train and be attacked and robbed for more points.
  18. Conan is a giant fantasy adventure game with miniatures. Players take on the roles of Conan and his friends to accomplish story-based scenarios. Fight monsters and use magic based on dice allocation. Beware the adult artwork.
  19. Concept is a party game where teams try to guess a specific word by associating numbers, letters and images that will give the best clues without actually revealing the word.
  20. Copper Country is about the 1840s mining boom. Copper is a limited resource, so players compete fiercely. Manage and hire miners, take risks and build a mining empire.
  21. Council of Blackthorn is about a weakening king who is losing his grip on power. Players represent members of his council vying for power through nefarious means. Two to six players attempt to destroy their opponents through subterfuge and strategy.
  22. Cry Havoc is a card-driven area control war game with unique faction powers for two to four players. The theme is science fiction and every player takes charge of one of four unique factions with varying abilities and units. It has cool artwork and 54 plastic minis.
  23. CV is a game for two to four players about building a personal life resume. Should you get married, work as an artist, have children or be lazy? Purchase cards from a common pool to build your personal history. Score points for balance.
  24. Dancing Dice allows two to six gamers to put on their dancing shoes by rolling dice, creating stunts and pulling off crazy combinations. It plays like Yahtzee but is so much better. Requires a lot of luck.
  25. Dead of Winter: the long night is about a colony trying to survive a zombie attack. Visit locations to get supplies, fight other enemy colonies, make tough choices, defeat zombies and find the traitor in the midst.
  26. Defenders of the Last Stand is set in a post-apocalyptic future in the United States. Up to five players can play or even one can play solo. Defend towns against different gangs set on destruction. Destroy the enemy to win.
  27. Dice Masters: Faerun and Faerun Under Siege is a collectible dice game in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Put together a team of character and fight monsters by rolling colorful, customized dice.
  28. Doctor Panic is a unique game about saving a patient in a hospital. Players perform actual physical tasks such as stitching, giving drugs (playing cards) and meeting patient needs by playing mini games. If the patient dies, it's game over.
  29. Dragon Run takes players into a dragon's keep. After stealing its loot, it awakens and the players must escape. Players press their luck to advance or hunker down with their treasures. Win by escaping. Die if the dragon hits you twice.
  30. Dungeon Scroll is a word game with a dungeon fantasy feel. Players cast spells by spelling words. Points are awarded in gold. Each participant has a hand of cards with letters on them. The player with the most gold at the end of the game wins.
  31. Eldritch Horror and Under the Pyramids is an expansion for the mystery/horror game Eldritch Horror. Players try to defeat a world-eating enemy and its followers by traveling to different locations around the world. This expansion opens up the ancient tombs of Egypt for clues and weapons to fight against the terrible elder gods.
  32. Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space is a card game for two to eight players. A human crew aboard a failing ship must fight off an alien presence in complete darkness. Escape the ship to win. Lots of tense guessing and suspense.
  33. Escape: Traps is an expansion for the excellent game Escape: The Curse of the Temple. There are six new trap tiles that can be added to the creation of the temple that test the strength of players.
  34. Favor of the Pharoah is a dice-rolling game for two to four players. Players start trying to advance through society to gain the queen's influence. A final roll-off comes at the end of the game to win the favor of the Pharoah.
  35. Flagon and the Dragon is a game that can accommodate up to eight players. Everyone is a hero at the local pub when a fight breaks out. Using cards and a unique timing element, players fight to earn the most points before the guards show up.
  36. Fleet: Arctic Bounty is an expansion for the game of deep sea fishing called Fleet. Players collect licenses, go fishing and earn points as they combine certain card elements together for the best use. The expansion adds more license and boat cards for even more options.
  37. Florenza places two to five players at the heads of the most powerful families in Italy during the Renaissance period. The goal of the game is to become the most famous patron of the arts by hiring the most famous artists of the period and financing their works.
  38. Foretold: Rise of a God is a three-part game. Taking turns, two to four players build up their economies, prepare for combat and then go on raids in this game of strategy, political maneuvering and destruction. Perform the best in the three areas to win.
  39. Forge War is about playing the role of a blacksmith gathering ore from mines in order to create magnificent weapons that can be used by heroes to fight back monsters. As heroes succeed, they bring back money and treasure that in turn fuels the blacksmiths. A unique and challenging game.
  40. Fury of Dracula is a game of suspense, hidden movement and surprise attacks. One player plays Dracula and attempts to destroy everyone else. The rest of the players are vampire hunters trying to stop the Lord of Darkness.
  41. Galactic Strike Force is a deck-building game for two to six players. Each player takes control of a ship and crew to defend the galaxy. Enemy forces attempt to overrun the galaxy, but players work together to defend it. Work together to win.
  42. Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion adds a ton of new things to the spaceship construction and flying game Galaxy Trucker. Now players can construct huge class IV ships. Aliens can attack and board ships now to destroy the crew. Build a ship out of scraps, fly it and survive to win.
  43. Glass Road takes place in a celebration of the creation of glass. Each player starts with the same set of 15 specialist cards, which have two abilities. Each turn, players select five and reveal them. If a player plays a card no one else has, that player plays both abilities. Otherwise it is a single action. Build buildings and accumulate points to win.
  44. Guilds of London is a game for one to four players about placing liverymen in different guilds in a medieval city in order to gain a majority. The player with the most becomes the master and gains points and power to shape the development of the city.
  45. Heroes Wanted: Champions and Masterminds is an expansion to the superhero construction game Champions and Masterminds. It adds eight new oversized cards, five champions and three masterminds that completely changes your Heroes Wanted experience. Create a hero, complete the objectives of the story scenario and win the game.
  46. Historia guides one to six players through 12,000 years of human history. Discover technologies, grow in strength, build wonders and earn the most points until the game progresses to the modern age.
  47. Hooyah is a card game about a group of Navy seals sent out to accomplish a variety of impossible missions. Players contribute personal cards to form a shared pool to accomplish tasks and overcome challenges.
  48. Hospital Rush is about a group of interns competing against each other in a hospital to earn 10 prestige points. Players may choose fair or unfair actions while collecting medicine, learning new skills and taking exams.
  49. Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh is an expansion to the game Istanbul that brings four new places to the table for players to explore. There are more ways to interact between players, and more ways to get coveted rubies. A solid expansion.
  50. Karuba is a game for two to four players about blazing trails, picking up gold and diamonds and finding hidden temples. Players create their own paths in the jungle to score the most points before time runs out.
  51. Kemet Ta-Seti is an expansion for the Egyptian-themed war game Kemet. Players compete on a small map for possession of certain locations that add strength each turn. Legendary creatures can be purchased as well as unique powers. Advantages are given for those who attack often. The expansion offers more powers and creatures for more variety.
  52. Last Friday is a game of hidden movement and thrilling decisions as players take on the roles of camp counselors trying to find a crazy killer hidden in the camp. Lots of twists and turns.
  53. Legacy: Five Families is an expansion to the game Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy. Players are heads of families trying to build their family tree through marriage, intrigue and birth to create a lasting family through three generations. The expansion adds favor tokens, birth events and solitaire play.
  54. Legendary Firefly is a cooperative deck-building game about the science fiction crew of the Firefly ship. Accomplish missions while using the right crew members and their abilities. Choosing the right cards to add to a personal deck is crucial.
  55. Level 7 (Omega Protocol): Extreme Prejudice is the expansion to the game LEVEL 7 (Omega Protocol) for two to five players. A team of commandos have been hired to go to a top secret base to shut it down and eliminate everything inside. One player is the overlord controlling the game's evildoers and the other players are part of the commando team. The expansion adds more scenarios and stories to the miniatures-based game of exploration and combat.
  56. Level 7 Invasion takes place in the year 2020. A devious alien race has attacked planet Earth and an invasion force is coming. In a strange twist, the aliens' hated nemesis has taken refuge on Earth and the earthlings are in the crossfire. This semi-cooperative war game for three to five players puts a team in defense of Earth. Players manage resources such as threats of hysteria, famine and population loss as well. If you can endure long enough, your alien friends can develop some powerful weapons. Survive if you can.
  57. Lone Wolf Adventure Game Boxed Set is a roleplaying game set in the world of Magnamund and the amazing Kai warriors. Based off of the Lone Wolf adventure books by Joe Dever, the game provides an open setting for fantasy adventuring.
  58. Love Letter: Batman is one of many themes for the game Love Letter by company AEG. Two to four players try to complete a specific goal by playing character cards and outguessing their opponents. Comic artwork and cool Batman tokens round out the game.
  59. Medina puts three or four players in charge of building up the old city of Medina. The game comes with 200 detailed wooden pieces that players will place on the board to develop a unique and beautiful city every time. Points are scored for certain placement and construction strategies.
  60. Millennium Blades is a collectible card game about competing as a collectible card game pro. Enter tournaments, collect and purchase the best cards and actually compete in games.
  61. My Village is a game that places players in charge of building up their very own villages. The development of traditional city locations and use of special characters along with dice rolling come together to form a unique game experience.
  62. Mystic Vale and Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic is an expansion to the best-selling card game Mystic Vale. Cards in the game evolve and can be added to make this game extremely unique. It's never the same game twice. Has developed the term card-crafting.
  63. Nations: Dynasties is an expansion for the civilization-building game Nations. By drafting cards, players represent a nation vying for power and adding technologies that promote growth, warfare and production. The expansion adds more of every kind of card such as armies, technologies and wonders.
  64. Niagara: Spirits of Niagara is a must-own expansion for the visually unique game Niagara. Players are piloting canoes down a river while looking for jewels. The game actually uses the game box with the edge of the box representing a waterfall. The expansion adds extra cards, bigger canoes and ghosts.
  65. Panthalos is a game about titans causing destruction and chaos. But players fight against these titans with titans of their own. Players are also trying to build the world around them by buying, refining and delivering merchandise. A game of economics and warfare.
  66. Posthuman: Defiant is an expansion to the post-apocalyptic tale of Posthuman the board game. Players are trying to find a safe house in the terrible radioactive lands of America by crossing 10 tiles and their associated encounters. Try to avoid becoming a mutant and collect food and ammunition along the way. The expansion adds more encounters, weapons and the ability to play five or six players.
  67. Primordial Soup Expansion adds the ability to play five or six players. In Primordial Soup, players are amoebas trying to divide and multiply at the beginning of time. Power cards allow for customized moves and creativity is a must for survival.
  68. Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition is an expansion for the base game of the same name. This expansion adds 14 double-sided faction tiles and seven home world ties for more variety and options. Additional objective tiles can be added to the game for experienced players.
  69. Run, Fight, or Die! pits players against hordes of zombies while rolling hordes of dice. Zombies approach in three staging areas, and if they get too close, it's lights out. Can play up to six with the expansion.
  70. Runebound: Fall of the Dark Star and The Mountains Rise are two scenarios for the fantasy-themed Runebound adventure game. In Fall of the Dark Star, players must race to complete objectives to avoid the destruction of Terrinoth (Earth). In The Mountains Rise, gamers will have a new hero to play and new monster cards for better variety and replay. Plays two to four players.
  71. Russian Railroads and Russian Railroads: German Railroads allow two to four players to compete against each other in an exciting race to build the largest and most advanced railway network. Workers must be placed in certain areas to accomplish a variety of tasks to build the network.
  72. Sanssouci is a tile-laying game for two to four players. The goal is to try to build beautiful gardens using roses, terraces, labyrinths and fountains. The player with the most complete garden wins.
  73. Scythe is a fantastic war game 100 times better than Risk with cool miniatures, exciting gameplay, special powers and unique tech development.
  74. SeaFall is a legacy game that changes every time you play it. Kill a specific pirate and he is erased from the game forever. Set in the age of sailing ships, adventure awaits on the open sea. Discover islands and battle other ships. Uncover the secrets of the captain's journal.
  75. Shakespeare: Backstage adds more characters and workers to the base game. Players try to put on the best Shakespeare play by hiring the best talent and having the most complete play by the end of the game.
  76. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures puts players in the hot seat as a Holmesian detective in London. Read real newspapers and contact people from the directory for clues. Work together to solve 10 different cases.
  77. Shipyard is about shipbuilding in the 19th century. Corporations and naval forces require new ships and someone has to build them. Players are ship manufacturers who must hire employees, buy accessories and receive the favor of powerful committees.
  78. Signorie is for two to four players who must take on the role of the lord of one of the most prestigious families of the Renaissance. A bunch of colored dice are rolled at the start of each round, and each player chooses one. Depending on the color, a certain action may be undertaken. The number indicates the discount. Players win by scoring the most points.
  79. Smash Up and its boat load of expansions is a card game about taking two factions from pop culture, joining them together and fighting other factions for control of bases.
  80. Spacehulk is miniatures game about a team of space marines exploring a ghost ship in outer space and getting overrun by a group of aliens. Players gain equipment and explore. Survive to win.
  81. Star Trek: Frontiers is an adventure game for one to four players. Take command of a ship while trying to fulfill the aspects of a specific scenario. Players can recruit new crew members, earn experience points and explore new worlds. Based on a similar game called Mage Knight.
  82. Star Wars Risk is a better version of the classic game because it plays so differently than the original. Players compete to pull off certain objectives in different areas on the board to be victorious.
  83. Steam Works is a worker placement game set in a cyber punk world of steam. Two to five players try to collect components to create sources of power. Then the power sources turn on and function, creating more locations for workers to be placed for additional game effects.
  84. Suburbia is a tile-laying and city-building game. Players lay down tiles representing different parts of a city and observe the reactions of the tiles. Score points for the best placement.
  85. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is an adventure game where players take on the personas of one of four ninja turtles and attempt to complete story-based scenarios working together.
  86. The Battle of Five Armies is a giant war game re-creating the epic battle from the end of the Hobbit book and movie trilogy. Play good or evil sides in this two-player game filled with miniatures and fun rules.
  87. The Grizzled is a cooperative card game set in the trenches of World War I. Players work together to overcome threats and rally each other to work. If the players can deplete the threat deck, they win.
  88. Theseus Dark Orbit and Theseus: Hunters Expansion places each player in the boots of one of five factions in deep space. Each faction is trying to survive in order to win, but to win, a player must eliminate the other factions. Set traps, lay mines, explode ordinance and cut through secret passages to surprise the enemy. The expansion adds an extra faction, the deadly hunters.
  89. Tragedy Looper and Tragedy Looper expansion come together for a unique game experience of mystery and deduction. Three players compete against a mastermind player in a story-driven game about tragedy. The players live through an event and are trying to avoid tragedy. Each day however, if certain conditions are met, a tragedy will occur. If that happens, the players loop back in time and relive the event until they figure out what the trigger was and avoid it. If the players figure out the mystery in time, they win.
  90. Treasure Hunter is a lightly themed fantasy game about gathering as much treasure as possible within five play rounds. The hunters who get the most valuable treasures will win.
  91. Tyrants of the Underdark is a customizable card game from the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Players build decks to gain influence and power among the factions of the dark elves. Build a good deck to win.
  92. Upon a Fable places players in the role of grand rulers in a fairy tale realm. Over nine rounds, the rulers will attempt to build their realms using love, honor, followers, castles and wonders of magic. All areas must be considered because the most well-balanced will win.
  93. Wizard's Academy is a co-operative game of magical mischief for one to six players. Playable scenarios include summoning a demon, defending the academy against imps or facing an academy inspector. The fun is trying to learn what the spells at the academy do as the game progresses.
  94. World Monuments puts two to four players in charge of building one of four great monuments: the Capitol in Washington, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the basilica San Pietro in Rome or the Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra. Complete the building to win.
  95. World of Warcraft Icecrown Citadel is a fantasy card game for four players. Three players compete against one as mighty heroes versus the lich king. The prebuilt decks contain everything needed to play.
  96. XCOM utilizes a board game, miniatures and a companion digital app to pit players playing the role of XCOM agents against invading aliens. Allocate resources, address threats and fight to the death in this extremely fast-paced board game.
  97. Xia: Legends of a Drift System gives three to five players an open universe to explore while serving as captains of a small starship. Complete missions, explore new territory, salvage parts, trade cargo and take chances to become the most famous captain.
  98. Yedo is a worker placement game in historical Japan where players take actions, attempt missions and score points for being at the right place at the right time. Watch our for the assassins.
  99. Yunnan puts players in the shoes of businessmen trying to create tea dynasties in early Tibet. Travel mountain roads, establish networks and build trading posts in this worker placement game to win.
  100. Zombicide Season 2 and Zombicide Season 2 Toxic mall takes players into a prison and then the local mall for zombie-fighting action. Kill zombies and look for equipment. Don't forget to complete the scenario goals. Huge game tiles and hordes of zombie miniatures attack the tabletop and make this game a classic survival horror gamefest.