OREM — Police say a man who was high on drugs intentionally drove his car into his neighbor's house Thursday, causing no injuries but a great amount of structural damage.

Jeffrey Giles, 39, had "beef" with his next door neighbor, and while no one was home he plowed his car all the way into the front of the house, police said.

Giles allegedly fled the scene after the collision, and officers found him several blocks away.

Once he had been located, police said Giles told officers what happened.

"We found out that this wasn't an accident," Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said. "The driver of the car had some beef with the neighbor and decided to drive the car into it."

Giles also allegedly told police he had been using meth.

The owner of the house, Ryan Yardley, said he and his children were supposed to be home that night, but luckily were not. In fact, he said when he's home he usually sits on a couch that was directly in the car's path.

"It's kind of odd to see a car that far into a house," Martinez said. "We are just glad that no one was hurt."

Yardley said the car damaged his house so badly that it may have to be torn down.

Giles was arrested and booked into Utah County Jail on suspicion of aggravated assault and driving under the influence.