Five singers are officially headed to the season finale of “The Voice.”

On Tuesday night, the show eliminated three contestants and advanced five singers to the finale, which airs Dec. 12 and 13.

Here’s a breakdown of the five singers who still have a shot at winning Season 22 of “The Voice.”

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Morgan Myles — Team Camila Cabello

Morgan Myles is the sole singer left on Camila Cabello’s team.

Myles has been a major contender from the start of the season and has the potential to give Cabello the victory, the Deseret News reported.

The singer from Nashville has impressed the coaches all season long, with John Legend even noting during the Battle round that Myles sounds like she should be making records and singing at the Grammys.

For the top 10 round, Myles delivered a show-stopping rendition of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”

“It was like an award-show performance,” Legend said, per Taste of Country. “I really did feel that when I was watching you perform. I think you’ve been one of the most gifted vocalists throughout this competition. I loved seeing you in your element today. It felt like you were up there doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing.”

The “Voice” contestant again received high praise during the top eight round, following her emotional performance of Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way.”

“ I really think that you could be the next country-pop-soul ... superstar,” Cabello said.

Myles was the first artist to join Cabello’s team this season. The singer received a four-chair turn for her country-infused rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which Legend said was “one of the best blind auditions I’ve seen in quite a long time,” the Deseret News reported.

“I feel like you know who you are as an artist and if you pick me as your coach, I would just be excited to help you on that journey,” Cabello said, per the Deseret News. “I want what’s best for you, and if what you want is Blake’s support and help to be a country artist, absolutely. If what you want is to pave your own lane — you’re not a country artist, you’re not a pop artist, you’re just Morgan — then I would be really excited to work with you.”

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Omar Jose Cardona — Team John Legend

After Omar Jose Cardona performed Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” for his top eight performance, Gwen Stefani joked that he was probably lip syncing because his voice sounded so flawless.

“Omar can do it!” Legend exclaimed. “Whatever note you need him to hit, whatever note you need him to hold at the end of the song, Omar can do it!”

Legend has been a strong supporter of Cardona all season long. The coach got emotional after hearing Cardona perform Foreigner’s power ballad “I Want To Know What Love Is” for the top 10 round.

“I just feel like you’re going from being an incredible singer to being somebody that connects with people’s hearts and with their emotion,” Legend said, according to MSN. “I felt it even more this week. It feels spiritual when you’re singing. You talked about last week how much you wanted to uplift people and inspire people, and I feel that coming from you. It’s so powerful, so moving, so thrilling.

“You are the reason ‘The Voice’ exists.”

Cardona initially got a four-chair turn with his energetic rendition of Journey’s “Separate Ways.” Following that performance, the 32-year-old singer from Orlando, Florida, said he ultimately wanted to perform in a style that blends pop and “old-school rock,” the Deseret News reported.

“I haven’t heard a voice like that since like the ’80s,” Stefani said of Cardona, who has sung all over the world as a full-time performer for 15 years. “We never get to hear men sing like that anymore. It was so exciting.”

Legend went so far as to tell Cardona he believed the singer could go all the way in the competition.

“You’re the kind of artist that could win ‘The Voice,’” Legend said. “You could win this show.”

Now, Cardona is getting even closer to making that prediction come true.

Bodie — Team Blake Shelton

During Bodie’s audition for “The Voice,” Blake Shelton said he believed the 29-year-old singer from California had “what it takes to make it to the finale of ‘The Voice.’”

“Let’s win this thing,” Shelton said, according to the Deseret News.

Now, Bodie is getting closer to that prediction, advancing to the show’s season finale.

When Bodie performed for the top 10 round, Shelton said it “may be the greatest performance I’ve ever seen on this show,” per Entertainment Tonight. After the top eight round, all of the coaches praised Bodie for his creativity and for knowing who he is as an artist.

“I just love that you make every song your own,” Cabello said after Bodie’s performance of Halsey’s “Without Me.” “You’re just such a true artist.”

Legend called Bodie one of his favorite performers of the season, while Shelton — who said during the Knockout round that the show has never seen an artist like Bodie before — commented that the singer had an “absurd amount of talent.”

Bodie initially had all four coaches fighting for him after performing The Fray’s “You Found Me” for his blind audition. Stefani called him a rare kind of performer while Legend said he liked how the singer brought his own soulful interpretation of the song to the “Voice” stage. But in the end, Bodie opted to join Shelton’s team, where he has remained for his entire time on the show.

Bryce Leatherwood — Team Blake Shelton

Bryce Leatherwood has also been on Shelton’s team from the start.

After performing Conway Twitty’s “Goodbye Time” for his blind audition, the country singer had three coaches vying for him: Shelton, Stefani and Legend. Legend complimented the “richness” in Leatherwood’s voice, and Stefani, who is married to Shelton, said she had a deep appreciation for country music despite not being a country artist. In the end, though, the 22-year-old singer from Georgia stuck to his country roots and picked Shelton.

Leatherwood received high praise from the coaches after performing Justin Moore’s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” with Legend even calling it Leatherwood’s best performance to date.

“You’re so authentic, and so kind of classical and old school — and everything that you want to see in a country artist,” Stefani said. “But yet you have this crazy sort of star quality stage presence.”

Shelton, meanwhile, noted that Leatherwood had “engaged the army of country music fans that watch the show,” and would likely be a strong contender in the finale.

Brayden Lape — Team Blake Shelton

Although he’s only 15, Brayden Lape hasn’t had any sort of disadvantage in “The Voice” competition. The singer from Michigan beat out more seasoned performers during the Battle and Knockout rounds, with Cabello even commenting that the teenager had a “pop record friendly” voice, the Deseret News reported.

Following Lape’s performance for the top 10, Shelton praised the teenager for how much he’s grown as an artist, saying that Lape would one day be “way too good to ever come back” on “The Voice.”

After his performance for the top eight, all of the coaches noted how much Lape has grown as an artist on the show.

“I’m so excited about your career and where you’re going,” Cabello said, while Stefani noted that she loved Lape’s “understated” and subtle presence.

Lape’s run on the show is especially impressive considering he initially ended up on Shelton’s team by default. The country star was the only coach to turn his chair during the blind audition. But Lape admitted that Shelton was his first choice anyway.