A bill that would create a Great Salt Lake special license plate and direct revenue toward lake-related preservation efforts passed committee Thursday. 

The Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee approved Sen. Jen Plumb’s SB92 with a vote of 3-1. Sen. Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, was the only nay vote.

The plate would cost $25 at the time of registration in addition to any applicable license plate fees. Revenue from the sale of the plates would go into the Sovereign Land Management Account. Plumb, D-Salt Lake City, envisions small local agencies applying for those funds for research or education surrounding the lake.

“They wouldn’t be enormous amounts, but … $50,000 to an organization that is unfunded and is doing good work is a game changer,” Plumb said. 

The idea came from two of Plumb’s constituents who reached out to her directly: a biologist and a municipal government worker. As a new senator, Plumb acknowledged that she would most likely not get the funds she was looking for to make a larger impact, hence the license plates. Still, Plumb said she is “excited” about the approval.

“We have got to do everything we can,” Plumb said. “It’s admittedly a very small step, but you know, it’s all the steps.” 

If the Legislature approves the bill, the legislation would be enacted Nov. 1.