The public has enjoyed many flavors of Oreo, from rainbow-filled to confetti, but no one could have prepared for “the Most Oreo Oreo” cookie.

Here’s what we know.

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What happened: CNN reported that there has been a pre-sale for Oreo’s newest flavor — itself.

The new limited-edition Oreo cookie was announced on Twitter with the caption, “With a cookie so meta, it’s only right that we’re dunking into the Metaverse with our very own OREOVERSE.”

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Details: The new flavor has been given the title of “the Most Oreo Oreo” and is a double-stuffed Oreo cookie with a creme filling that, “has Oreo bits mixed in, for a meta cookies-n-creme experience,” according to CNN.

The company hinted in a Twitter post on Monday about the announcement, saying, “Something big is coming...”

When will they go on sale: Though the pre-sale only started Tuesday, the highly anticipated cookies will be on shelves beginning Jan. 30, according to USA Today.

Fox Business reported that each package of “the Most Oreo Oreo” will have a QR code that, once scanned, will take the buyer to online games that lead to prizes in the new “Oreoverse,” navigated by Martha Stewart herself.

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What has been said: USA Today reported that Oreo’s senior brand manager, Julia Rosenbloom said in a statement, “The Most Oreo Oreo cookie gives fans a whole new way to playfully engage with us.”

Rosenbloom added, “By scanning the pack, they will ‘dunk into’ the Oreoverse world.”