A new food trend has hit TikTok and this one is a little cheesy — instead of making ice cream with traditional ingredients like cream, milk and sugar, some TikTok users have started using cottage cheese and fruit to whip up their dessert.

Lainie Kates is the content creator Good Morning America cites as having started the trend. Some of Kates’ creations include strawberry cheesecake ice cream or peanut butter cheesecake ice cream. She blends up ingredients in a blender and then she freezes them.

The idea of this ice cream is to have a sweet treat that doesn’t have a high amount of calories. Allyson Brigham, a registered dietician in California, said to Fox Business, “Cottage cheese is generally considered a healthy food option. It is high in protein and low in fat, especially if you choose low-fat or fat-free versions.”

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Is cottage cheese ice cream good?

Yes, but it doesn’t taste like ice cream. To try it, I blended up some cottage cheese along with some strawberries, lemon juice and a little bit of stevia. It tasted like what I thought frozen cheesecake filling would taste like — which, for what it’s worth, is not a bad thing. The ice cream was a bit chunky.

The key here is blending it really well. The flavor was more tangy than sweet, and it was a little more on the icy side compared to the creamy side. The strawberries added some sweetness, don’t get me wrong, and I added some lemon juice for a burst of acidity. The dessert doesn’t have a silky texture, but it isn’t gritty either.

But it also isn’t my favorite ice cream alternative.

How to make cottage cheese ice cream at home

If you’re dying to try some cottage cheese ice cream, here’s a simple way to make it at home. This is a strawberry cheesecake style cottage cheese ice cream.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 cup cottage cheese.
  • 12 cup frozen strawberries.
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  • 2 stevia packets.


  1. Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, around two to five minutes.
  2. Scrap the sides of the blender and blend for two more minutes.
  3. Freeze for an hour or two if you prefer a harder serve dessert treat or eat immediately if you like a soft serve treat.

Ice cream alternatives

It was at Aubergrine Kitchen that I first tried nice cream — theirs is made from cashew, coconut milk, dates and pure vanilla. Either vanilla or cocoa are added depending on whether you want vanilla or chocolate nice cream.

This ice cream alternative is seriously creamy. It’s a soft serve dessert that is creamy, has a teensy bit of a gritty texture — but that adds to the earthiness quality of it — and it’s light and fluffy. If you eat ice cream for the creaminess, this is a good alternative.

Another alternative is also called nice cream, but it’s made from bananas. For a while, this was the latest ice cream alternative trend and it’s made in a pretty similar way to the cottage cheese kind. You simply blend up frozen banana with some kind of nut milk, like cashew or almond milk, and add any kind of frozen fruit, flavoring or bits of nuts and chocolate if you would like.

This type of ice cream alternative is so popular that there’s a machine you can buy specifically to make it. The Yonanas machine allows you to put frozen bananas in it and they come out in a soft serve kind of way — you can also add flavorings and mix-ins to this one, too. According to Food & Wine, “Whether you’re craving decadent strawberry sorbet, a rich chocolate banana soft serve, or a non-dairy alternative to ice cream, you can experiment with a wide variety of flavor combinations with this machine.”

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The advantage to this machine is it really does get the texture just right. But as with all nice creams that include banana, you have to love the taste of banana to enjoy them. The flavor of banana is strong and almost overpowering with this ice cream alternative — it is frozen banana after all. You can use other fruit as well, like frozen strawberries, to make a sorbet. Personally, I think the best fruit to use is frozen mango.

Frozen mango has a naturally creamy texture when you bite into it and it’s already smooth, so when you make a sorbet from it, the result is an extra-smooth and extra-creamy dessert. The tricky part is mango doesn’t go with as many mix-ins as banana does, so if you’re more interested in getting chocolate chunks in your ice cream alternative, then you’re probably better off with sticking to bananas.