A creamy, icy treat may be just what you need to beat the summer heat, and Utah is full of ice cream shops that all have different styles.

Here’s a list of some of the best places to get ice cream in Utah.

Craving something sweet this summer? Here are some of the best ice cream shops in Utah
An ice cream flavor as nice as Ted Lasso debuts

Rockwell Ice Cream

This Provo ice cream shop is known for its unique flavors and rich ice cream. The shop has a flavor called “The G.O.A.T.” that has goat cheese, blackberry, lemon jam swirls and honey rosemary roasted almonds. This is definitely a unique flavor to try. My personal favorite is either the strawberry or the mint chocolate chip. The mint chocolate chip tastes like fresh mint instead of artificial flavorings, and is a delight. This ice cream is creamier than usual and tastes like it has a higher milkfat content.

Farr’s Ice Cream

Farr’s Ice Cream is known for its creamy, delicious ice cream. They got their start in Ogden and now have their ice cream in stores across the valley. The Cake Batter ice cream flavor is my favorite from here — it’s definitely worth a try. If you’re a fan of moose tracks ice cream, their moose tracks has thick chunks of fudge throughout, making it a decadent flavor.

Penguin Brothers

This Salt Lake City based ice cream company doesn’t just dish up delicious scoops of ice cream. It also makes amazing cookies for ice cream cookie sandwiches along with pizookies. My two favorite ice cream flavors are the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and the Cookie Monster. This ice cream is creamy, but the mix-ins make it even more worth it. Beware — the ice cream sandwiches here are pretty big.

BYU Creamery

BYU students know that the Provo campus’ creamery is one of the best places in Utah to get ice cream. The creamery’s signature flavor is Graham Canyon, which is a fan favorite. Personally, I’m a fan of the Raspberry Cream Cheese and the Earnestly Chocolate ice cream. While you’re at the creamery, you can also pick up the campus’ famous chocolate milk or ranch dressing.

Aggie Creamery

Located in Logan, Aggie Ice Cream is known for its blue mint chocolate chip ice cream. Lines here can get pretty long, but it’s worth the wait. Their ice cream is creamy without feeling too heavy, and the creamery has a pretty wide range of flavors. The Space Debris is a must try if you like huckleberries, and the peach cobbler ice cream is very refreshing during the summer.


Leatherby’s has locations throughout Salt Lake and Utah counties. The company specializes in ice cream that transports you back in time to a mid-1900s style parlor with big ice cream sundaes and classic flavors. It’s best to stick to the classic flavors here, like vanilla, and get them in a sundae. One of the best sundaes is the Raul’s Apple Pie Parfait. If you’re looking to get a banana split, this is the best place in Utah to go.

Brooker’s Founding Flavors

With locations in Utah and Salt Lake counties, Brooker’s Founding Flavors is a Revolutionary War themed ice cream place. Each of the flavors is named after a figure from the Revolutionary War. My go-to here tends to be the Alexander Hamilton, which is “chocolate ice cream with chunks of New York cheesecake with both graham and chocolate cookie crust chunks and a chocolate fudge swirl.” It’s very rich. If you’re a fan of chocolate, the Patrick Henry ice cream has more chocolate than you could dream of.

normal ice cream

While Utah is dominated by hard serve ice cream, the Salt Lake City based normal ice cream specializes in soft serve ice cream. The salted vanilla bean is my favorite flavor here — and it’s always on the menu. The menu is constantly changing, but the flavors are interesting and good. You can check the menu online ahead of time. If you’re craving a choco taco, the shop has a similar version of that.

Spilled Milk Ice Cream

Spilled Milk has locations in Salt Lake City and St. George and is known for its soft serve ice cream creations. Its most popular creation is known as the Match Made in Heaven, which includes vanilla ice cream, butterfinger, Reeses puffs, Cookie Crisp, Milk and Chocolate Syrup. Topped with Whipped Cream, Cocoa Pebbles and Reeses Puffs.” My friend says that this is one is her favorite because it’s rich and chocolatey. My favorite here is the strawberry — I love a simple soft serve ice cream in the summer.

Peach City

If you find yourself in Brigham City, check out Peach City. The food at this historic ice cream parlor is fantastic, and the ice cream is especially good. The peach ice cream is the best flavor in my opinion — it’s smooth with chunks of peach in it.A banana split is a great option here, too.