Highly sensitive classified documents leaked from the Pentagon on social-media sites show that the U.S. has access to Russia’s security and intelligence agencies. The leak could compromise American and Ukrainian efforts in the war.

The Wall Street Journal reported over 100 images of classified documents were posted on social-media sites in early March, showing how the U.S. is assisting Ukraine in the war.

The New York Times reported that the “trove” of documents reveals that the U.S. has been able to warn Ukraine before any Russian strikes, and that the Russian military is “struggling in its war in Ukraine and of a military apparatus that is deeply compromised.” The leak could also hurt the U.S.’s efforts in Ukraine, and could compromise American intelligence sources.

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What now? As the leaked documents were marked classified, the Department of Justice has reportedly opened up an investigation into how the documents appeared online, according to CNN.

“We are aware of the reports of social media posts and the Department is reviewing the matter,” Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh said.

Singh further said, “The Department of Defense is actively reviewing the matter, and has made a formal referral to the Department of Justice for investigation.”

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How much information was released? The Wall Street Journal reported “well over” a hundred classified documents were released online. CBS reported that “five slides” were published on a “pro-Russian Telegram channel on Thursday.”

The documents ranged in date from late February to early March of this year and discussed “worldwide intelligence briefings to tactical-level battlefield updates and assessments of Ukraine’s defense capabilities,” according to The Washington Post.

There is speculation on whether or not people will get in trouble with the law for forwarding or reposting the documents on social media.

“The fact that unedited and edited — doctored — versions of some files are available online makes me skeptical that this is a professional Russian intelligence operation,” Thomas Rid, an expert on state-backed information operations, told CNN.

CNN further reported that Russia analyst Dmitri Alperovitch said, “If real, the leaking of these documents can do significant damage to Ukrainian counteroffensive since this information effectively provides Russia with Ukrainian order of battle — extensive information on capabilities of brigades that would be involved in upcoming counteroffensive.”