Whether it’s thin and crispy crust or doughy in a Chicago-style way, pizza is a great food to share with friends or eat on your own.

If you’re looking to try a new pizza place in Salt Lake City or revisit one you tried before, here’s a list of the six highest-rated pizza places, according to Trip Advisor ratings.

How the ranking was done: These are the top six highest-rated pizza places in or near Salt Lake City based on Trip Advisor reviews. Duplicate locations of the same pizza place were not repeated on this list.

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1. Settebello Pizzeria

Address: 260 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

What to get: If you’re starting with an appetizer, the beet salad, warm beets, caprese salad, bruschetta and burrata crostini are all good options to split with the table. The warm beets are well-seasoned and unique. As for the pizza, the signature Settebello pizza incorporates different textures with pine nuts, mushrooms, sausage and pancetta. If you prefer more of a plain pizza, both the margherita and the quattro formaggi are cheesy and good options. The emilia is unexpected with the addition of corn and the diavola is something of a spicy pepperoni-like pizza (with calabrese salami rather than pepperoni).

2. The Pie Pizzeria

Address: 1320 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. For more Utah locations, see here.

What to get: The strawberry balsamic wings or the classic buffalo wings are good appetizers. If you’d like to start with a salad the chicken caesar salad is fresh and big enough to share. The speciality pizzas here are worth a try as they are usually unique in flavor. The bacon-berry pie, the wise guy pizza and the Hawaii pie-o are crowd-pleasers. These pizzas are loaded with toppings and have a thicker crust.

3. Rusted Sun Pizzeria

Address: 2010 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT 84115.

What to get: The cheese dip here is more or less a spinach and artichoke dip with the addition of sun-dried tomato, which gives it a more elevated flavor. The bleu chicken salad is great for people who love bleu cheese and the garden salad here is crisp and simple. The pesto chicken pizza has artichoke hearts on it, which add a mild earthy flavor. The chicken alfredo pizza has different cheese flavors, but there’s a couple vegetables on it, which counterbalances the dish.

4. From Scratch

Address: 62 E. Gallivan Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

What to get: The wood-fired bread is a good appetizer to start with because the jam tastes homemade and fresh. The sesame-soy Brussels sprouts are crispy, buttery and sweet. As for salads, the honey apple has a great vinaigrette dressing and the combination of apple with ricotta and candied almonds combines a variety of textures and tastes. For the pizza, the veggie pizza has a lot of vegetables on top and is less cheese heavy. The fennel sausage pizza has a unique taste with two types of onions. You also can’t go wrong with the margherita pizza.

5. Ti Amo Wood Fired Pizza

Address: 515 W. 2600 South, Bountiful UT 84010.

What to get: The bruschetta here is a good starter if you like the slight char on bread that comes with a wood-fired oven. The arugula salad is a good starter as well — it’s simple, but the balsamic glaze gives it a sweet taste. The mixed greens salad is also a good option and has shaved parmesan cheese on top in addition to balsamic glaze, which creates a sweet and savory balance. As for pizzas, the Americana pizza is more or less a pepperoni pizza with a well-balanced cheese combination. The rustica pizza and the prosciutto and rucola pizza are good options for meat lovers.

6. Pie Hole

Address: 344 S. State St., Salt Lake City UT 84111.

What to get: Pie Hole has slices in addition to whole pizzas, so it’s a good place to go if you are just looking for a slice. The potato and bacon pizza tastes like if you were to flatten out a loaded potato skin and put it on pizza — it’s good for potato lovers. The hot wing pie is interesting because of the pepper jack cheese which adds some sharpness. The pretty pretty princess is loaded with tons of meat. And the totally veegs (a vegan pizza) gets good place from the roasted garlic and green onions.