As Valentine’s Day approaches, it can be exciting to think about how we can share our love and affection for others. Seeing someone’s face light up as you share treats and gratitude can bring a sense of joy and fulfillment, making it impossible not to start looking at recipes now to prepare.

No matter who the treat is for, it can be overwhelming to choose a good recipe. Here is a list of highly rated Valentine’s Day treats you can make for your significant other, a co-worker, a friend or a group.

Lemon raspberry cookies

If you’d like your treat to taste fresh and sweet, these cookies by Lane & Grey Fare might be a great fit! Though fancy looking, the cookie’s ingredients can be found at any store. As an added plus, they are gluten-free, nut-free and eggless for friends with food preferences and allergies.

Creme brûlée heart donuts

Need something with a little crunch while still being creamy and soft? These treats take the classic creme brûlée and put it into a warm caramelized donut. The recipe, by Moribyan, notes the donuts can be made ahead of time, perfect for a Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch.

Raspberry palmiers

Palmiers, while naturally heart-shaped, can be upscaled to better fit the holiday by adding some red. Only requiring three ingredients, the recipe by Crowded Kitchen is great for when you don’t have much time for cooking or shopping.

Sweetheart cinnamon rolls

This recipe, from Pillsbury, takes the palmier shape to make a quick heart-shaped cinnamon treat. The only ingredient is Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, taking just 35 minutes to prep and bake.

Fudgy Valentine brownies

If you’re not too sick of heart shapes, these brownies by Feel Good Foodie are rich and gooey, perfect for a chocolate lover. If you’re not wanting the hassle, feel free to use a regular box mix and follow the decorating instructions on this recipe after baking.

You can also experiment with different flavors of brownies! Try these red velvet cheesecake brownies from Country Living for some added color.

Chocolate creme-filled cupcakes

Similar to the nostalgic Hostess cupcake, these cupcakes from The Pioneer Woman are filled will a raspberry creme for a tart surprise. While making them yourself for sharing can be fun, making a group activity out of decorating and sharing them with the local community could make it just a little sweeter!

Strawberry love notes

Want to send a message? These treats from Delish look like little letters opened to reveal a sweet message of strawberry jam. The recipe calls for homemade or store bought pie crusts, making prep as simple or complex as you want. For more diverse flavors, you can use other jams besides the suggested strawberry.

Conversation Heart sugar cookies

The gift of giving doesn’t have to end right after Valentine’s Day. Use leftover candy, such as conversation hearts, to keep spreading the love! This recipe, from Beyond Frosting, involves a soft and buttery sugar cookie topped with sprinkles and the popular Valentine’s Day candy.

Regardless of the treat we choose to make, remember that sharing love is better than keeping it to yourself.