A ticket to watch Iowa’s Caitlin Clark break the NCAA women’s all-time scoring record could cost you more than it would have to attend Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Many thought Clark would break the record Sunday against Nebraska in Omaha. She needed 39 points but finished the night with 31.

Instead, Clark will have the chance to claim the record at home in Iowa City, Iowa, in front of a crowd of loyal Hawkeye fans. For the first time in program history, the women’s basketball team sold out of season tickets following the Hawkeyes’ loss to LSU in last year’s national championship, according to CBS Sports.

Who currently holds the NCAA women’s all-time scoring record?

Kelsey Plum currently holds the women’s scoring record. She scored 3,527 points while playing for the University of Washington.

She set the record in 2017 in her senior season before the San Antonio Stars — now the Las Vegas Aces — drafted her No. 1 overall later that year. She has won two WNBA championships with the Aces.

Prior to Plum, the record belonged to Missouri State’s Jackie Stiles for 16 years. Plum is excited for Clark to break her record, she told ESPN earlier this month.

“I remember, to be honest, (the record) was very much a low point in my life. It felt like a lot of pressure, and my identity was kind of caught up in that record. I hope everyone in the media takes time to understand that (Clark) is not just a basketball player but a young woman that has feelings and emotions. She carries it with grace, but there’s a lot to handle there,” she said. “If anything, make sure that we show her love outside of her performance. She’ll break it. I’m excited for her.”

How many points does Caitlin Clark need to break the record?

Clark is eight points shy of breaking Plum’s record of 3,527 points.

She has never scored fewer than eight points in a game in her collegiate career. There has been one game in her career where she only scored eight points, but that was in her first season on Jan. 9, 2021, according to ESPN.

What are the cheapest tickets to watch Caitlin Clark break the scoring record?

The following are the cheapest reserved tickets available on popular ticket purchasing sites, as of Tuesday, Feb. 13:

What are the most expensive tickets to watch Caitlin Clark break the scoring record?

Thursday will be the second most expensive women’s basketball game ever played at the collegiate or WNBA level with an average purchase price of $521, according to WHO 13’s Keith Murphy and TickPick.

The following are the most expensive reserved tickets available on popular ticket purchasing sites, as of Tuesday, Feb. 13:

  • Seat Geek: $4,624.
  • Ticketmaster: $4,118.
  • StubHub: $11,250.

The prices listed for Seat Geek and StubHub are for courtside seats. The price listed for Ticketmaster is for seats on the 15th row.

As of Tuesday, StubHub also has tickets for seats seven rows behind one of the baskets available for $51,387.

For context, 24 hours before kickoff, the cheapest tickets for the Super Bowl were $6,931 on ticket retailer TickPick, per ESPN’s Field Yates.

Could Caitlin Clark become the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer?

Clark could accomplish more than being the all-time leading scorer in women’s college basketball. She could break Pete Maravich’s NCAA all-time scoring record of 3,667 points if she keeps up her scoring average of 32.1 points per game, according to The Athletic.