The Kansas City Chiefs have been well-represented in commercials this season thanks to the efforts of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce. Even head coach Andy Reid has joined in on the fun.

But Reid remains committed to his actual job — coaching football — and preparing for the Super Bowl, not being an actor, he told reporters in his press conference Thursday.

“I don’t want to stand up here and sound like a movie star because I’m not very good at that,” he said. “But I appreciate people enjoying nuggies.”

“Nuggies” was a reference to one of Reid’s most recent State Farm ads. In the commercial, Reid is at a fast-food restaurant with Jake from State Farm and Mahomes asks them to explain bundling to him.

Using their fries and burger, the two explain how Reid can save money by bundling his home and auto insurance like a combo meal. As they explain, Reid steals and takes a bite of their food.

He then asks them to explain it again but with Mahomes’ “nuggies,” which the quarterback quickly moves out of the way as Reid walks his fingers across the table toward them.

Reid thinks his commercial acting résumé has led to him being recognized more by non-football fans when he gets out, which he admitted doesn’t happen very often.

What commercials feature Andy Reid?

In addition to his three State Farm appearances, Reid recently recreated a 1997 Snickers commercial. In the ad, Reid walks up to a groundskeeper, who has just finished painting the end zone, and says, “Hey, that’s great, but who are the Chefs?” pointing out the missing “i” in Chiefs.

“I have no acting ability, but that was as close to just being a coach as we could get. Plus, they gave me some free Snickers,” he joked in an October press conference.

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How many Super Bowls has Andy Reid won?

Reid will coach in his fifth Super Bowl — his fourth with the Chiefs — on Feb. 11.

If the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, Reid will win his third Super Bowl and will surpass the following legendary coaches, in terms of Super Bowl wins, according to Pro Football Network:

  • Vince Lombardi.
  • Don Shula.
  • Tom Landry.
  • Tom Flores.
  • Bill Parcells.
  • Jimmy Johnson.
  • Mike Shanahan.
  • Tom Coughlin.

With a win, he will be halfway to tying former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for most Super Bowl wins.