New video games are coming to the Nintendo Switch this year from indie game developers and lots of them look like they’re aimed at kids as they were announced at the recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase. We’ll list below what exactly is coming out and their release dates.

Available to buy now

Sticky Business

This adorable sticker game starts at $8.99 and lets players experience what it’s like to own their own sticker shop. You can design almost anything you want, but you have to make sure you’re meeting your customer’s expectations. As you level up, you unlock fun features to add to your stickers. This game is rated E for everyone.


Available for $14.99, stitch. is a game that is similar to a color by number design, but instead of coloring, you’re stitching. There are over 180 patterns and once you finish a design, you can do it all over again but this time you stitch it in any color you like. This game is rated E for Everyone.

Coming soon this year


Come explore Europa as the character Zee, an android who is exploring the ruins of Europa and finding out the story of the last human who lived there. This adventure game lets players solve puzzles and explore the moon Europa while solving the mystery. A demo of the game is available for download and we can expect an official release later this year. This game is rated E for mild fantasy violence.


Coming out on May 9, ANIMAL WELL is a platform adventure game where you must explore a world full of secrets and puzzles to solve. This game is rated Everyone 10+ due to fantasy violence.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Available for preorder starting at $26.99, you play as Kril the hermit crab who is on a mission to get back his shell. To survive until then, you must wear trash as you fight off enemies. Kril will learn of the dangers the trash has in his ocean and the many creatures he will meet. This game is rated T for Teen due to blood, violence, use of tobacco, language and crude humor.


The devil Satan has stolen your Spirit collection and you must get it back. Choose to play as Dynamite Anton or Dynamite Annie to blast your way through platform levels. Coming out on Nov. 12, a demo of this game is available to download and is rated T for Teen due to alcohol references, use of tobacco, suggestive themes, language and fantasy violence.


Play as a robot in this platform retro game coming this summer. No further details have been released.

Cat Quest III

This RPG game is available for preorder at $19.99 and is the third installment of the Cat Quest series. Play as a feline privateer that must stop the pi-rats from finding the mythical Northern Star. Command your own ship as you sail across the Purribean and play solo or with other players. Rated Everyone 10+ for comic mischief and fantasy violence.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

A mystery game full of over 100 puzzles, players are in an old hotel in central Europe as a wandering woman, with no clue as to how you got here. There’s a mysterious illusionist, an aristocratic artist who died mysteriously and an international auteur are here with you. It does not have a current age rating and will supposedly come out May 16.


This 3D platform game comes out on July 18 and allows you to interact in a world through its shadows with the mission to get back to your human safely. No further details have been released.

SteamWorld Heist II

The sequel to SteamWorld Heist, SteamWorld Heist II takes you on a journey as a captain through SteamWorld, where the waters have become corrosively dangerous to the robot denizens while also participating in naval fights against enemy ships. It will be released on Aug. 8 and is rated Everyone 10+ due to fantasy violence.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

Coming soon on May 23 is Detective Eugene McQuacklin, who must solve the mystery of the missing salami by using clues and fill-in-the-blanks. It’s rated E for Everyone. No further details were provided.

RefindSelf: The Personality Test Game

You are the last creation of a now-dead doctor, an android who must now figure out what life is. Every decision you make reveals more of your personality and at the end, you’ll find out which of 23 personalities you have. Coming out this summer, this game is rated T for Teen due to simulated gambling and use of tobacco.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate

Play as the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and save Master Splinter from the Foot Clan. But you’ll have to do so by jumping through different dimensions. Coming out in July 2024, this game does not have an age rating yet.

Valley Peaks

Climb all the mountains as much as you want in this first-person game and interact with the frog community. This game comes out later this year, but not further details have been announced.

Yars Rising

Playing as the hacker Emi Kimura, you must figure out the secrets of Qotech Corporation, full of robot and alien enemies. It comes out later this year and is rated E for Everyone due to mild fantasy violence.

Little Kitty, Big City

Play as a cute kitten that needs to get home, but there’s so many other things to do in the city. Play quests, dress up your cat and find more fun things to do in this game coming out on May 9. You can preorder it at $22.49 and it’s rated E for Everyone.

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