The seven-day average for coronavirus cases has dropped to lower than the delta variant’s peak, The Washington Post reports.

  • This comes after a surge of omicron variant cases, which crippled the nation during the winter months and holiday season.
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What’s happening: Tracking by The Washington Post found the U.S. has been averaging 153,029 cases per day as of Monday.

  • The seven-day average during the delta variant surge hovered around 165,187 cases per day.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic’s high in case numbers was 807,897, which was reached Jan. 22.

Yes, but: “Although case counts are lower than in December and January, when the even more contagious omicron variant sent infections soaring, they remain elevated,” according to The Washington Post.

Why this matters: The United States remains in a middle ground in the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a high number of case numbers, leading to natural immunity, and a vast number of vaccinations, suggesting the pandemic might be nearing its end.