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Among Us is coming to Xbox. Here are the details

Among Us is available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC. When will it arrive on Xbox?

SHARE Among Us is coming to Xbox. Here are the details
A screenshot of the Among Us video game.

The developers of Among Us canceled a sequel because the gamae has been so successful.

Screenshot from the Apple App Store

Among Us — the popular video game featuring imposters and crewmates — will be arriving on Xbox soon, but you should be a little sus about when.

What’s happening?

Xbox said in a recent release that Among Us has been added to the Xbox Game Pass on PC, allowing Xbox users to play the game on their PC.

  • However, the game will be added to the console version of Xbox Game pass in 2021, according to Xbox.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game with 4-10 players where you and your friends try to fix a spaceship. While completing tasks, one your friends is an imposter, trying to kill each of you before you’re done with your tasks.

How many people play it?

Numbers from Nielsen’s SuperData found Among Us had about 500 million users in November alone — this is the most monthly players for a mobile game ever, according to The Verge.

The game has surged in popularity over the last few months. In fact, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, made history when she made her Twitch debut to play the new viral video game Among Us.

  • Her stream had around 435,000 concurrent viewers when it started. It later dipped down to 350,000 viewers, The Verge reports. She reached the top 20 biggest broadcasts ever on Twitch because of the game.