A Quiet Place II” director John Krasinski recently explained how he convince his wife, Emily Blunt, to do a dangerous scene in the new movie.

What did he say?

  • Krasinski spoke on “The Ellen Show” about why he felt drawn back to the world of “A Quiet Place,” considering he had no interest in doing a sequel.
  • He said he would appear in early parts of the film, which show how the villainous creatures first invaded Earth and the ramifications of their attack, according to ComicBook.com.
  • Early trailers show Krasinski’s character — who died in the first film — appearing in the second film during these flashback moments.
  • These trailers show Blunt’s character driving a car as these aliens crash onto Earth, according to ComicBook.com.
  • Krasinski said: “I put her in a car and I said, ‘All right, you’re gonna go top speed down this car, car’s gonna come at you, it’s like not a big deal, then you’re gonna hit a person. Then you’re gonna keep going and then a bus is gonna come at you at like 40 miles an hour and then it’s gonna hit the front of your car!’

More family moments

  • Krasinski talked openly about his family — Blunt, along with daughters Violent (18 months) and Hazel (4), according to People magazine.
  • Krasinski: “They’re amazing. They’re so much fun. I feel like every time people talk about their kids on this, people are like, ‘We all have kids, ugh.’ But they’re amazing, and they’re geniuses.”
  • Krasinski told a story about how he tried to sing her a song to keep her entertained on a rainy day. Her daughter recognized the song and she said, “That deep!” She’s only 18 months old.