“The Chosen” is a streaming series portraying the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s expected to run for seven seasons.

It’s created and directed by Dallas Jenkins and stars Jonathan Roumie as Jesus.

Here’s a look at how to stream “The Chosen,” release dates for Season 4 and sneak peeks into the next season of the popular series.

How to watch ‘The Chosen’

“The Chosen” is available for streaming on The Chosen app, Angel Studios, Peacock, Apple TV, fubo TV, Google Play, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s also available on BYU TV and the CW network (it airs every Sunday night on CW at 8 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. MDT).

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 release date

“The Chosen” is expected to have its fourth season premiere in January or February 2024. In a livestream, Jenkins said it’s possible it’ll premiere in theaters.

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 sneak peeks

The YouTube channel for “The Chosen” has released 12 videos taking viewers inside the world of the series. From seeing Jenkins dance on set to previewing emotional moments that’ll be part of Season 4 — the season Jenkins called “the most emotionally challenging” so far — this video series offers fans a sneak peek.

Here are 13 “The Chosen Insiders” videos that give a look into what film is like.