The bonus episode of “The Chosen” Season 4 was so good that fans said it should have been stayed for April 1.

The bonus episode reveals secrets of the entire season, like the hundreds and hundreds of horses that were on set and when the disciples get their supernatural powers.

Noah James, who plays Andrew, said he had to acquire his ice man superpowers. Jesus, played by Jonathan Roumie, is revealed as an incredible dancer.

To find out more secrets from the bonus episode of “The Chosen,” check out the show’s YouTube channel.

‘This is when the plot thickens,’ Dallas Jenkins says about ‘The Chosen’ Season 5

‘The Chosen’ filming locations

“The Chosen” films in two locations. The show uses the Motion Picture Studio South Campus, which is located in Goshen, Utah. This set is used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The second set is in Midlothian, Texas on Camp Hoblitzelle owned by the Salvation Army.

Beginning on April 11, “The Chosen” will begin filming. Six weeks later, the show will film in Texas.

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 release date

“The Chosen” Season 4 streaming release date has yet to be announced. It’s delayed due to ongoing legal matters that the show has not specified.

Meanwhile the show’s viewership continues to grow.

“Prior to 2023, we were really an app-first model where Seasons 1 and 2 were maybe in the app for a year or a year and a half before they released anywhere else. With Season 3, we shortened that significantly,” Kyle Young, executive vice president of distribution and marketing for the show, told Variety. “And last year, the audience grew so significantly. Part of the goal at ‘The Chosen’ is to get the show in front of as many people as possible. It took the first four years of the series to reach 100 million people. And then in the last 15 months, we’ve reached another 100 million people.”