Growing up in a village near Gagnoa, Côte d’Ivoire, and raised with Christian beliefs, Elder D. Martin Goury dreamed of one day becoming a clergyman. He liked the idea of serving others as a man of faith.

In October 1992, he was in London, England, trying to learn English and gain an education, when he met Latter-day Saint missionaries. He tried to politely dismiss them by saying he didn’t speak their language, but one was the only native French-speaking missionary in London. Unable to come up with another excuse, Elder Goury walked away with a French copy of the Book of Mormon.

He started reading the Book of Mormon, and within a month he received a witness of its truthfulness, but he lost contact with the missionaries. “If this is the Lord’s Church,” he thought, “He will provide a way for them to meet with me.”

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