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Opinion: Homes of the future must consider electric vehicles

If homes are built with charging ports, it won’t cost $2,500 to add one in later

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An electric vehicle charges at a charging station at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Whatever your stance on electric vehicles, they are coming. 

Some forecasts predict that by 2035, half of all new car sales will be electric. This will certainly help with Utah’s air quality problems and should be encouraged. We need to prepare for the future by writing at-home charging into the building code.

I recently went through the process of buying an EV. One hesitation I had was that my house was not equipped for at-home charging. We finally decided that we would bite the bullet and pay for the electrical upgrades needed to wire 60 amps to our carport. 

What would have cost a few hundred bucks at the time of construction, cost me $2,500. 

This is a needless expenditure that will happen over and over again. I therefore advocate that a minimum of 40 amps should be run to every newly constructed residential garage. This will add little cost to new homes and will prepare Utah for the eventuality of electric cars.

Ethan Welch

Lincoln, Nebraska