Here’s what you need to know and what to look out for when booking rental properties for your vacations.
8 of the world’s top 10 busiest airports are located in the U.S.. Atlanta ranks No. 1.
The Azamara cruise ship the choir had booked now will be available to the public for two cruises in June, with all the proceeds going to three major charities
Depending on where you’re traveling, it’s not quite time to rush maskless to your nearest airport.
A new report claims the ancient Incan city was originally called Huayna Picchu.
An international 10-point plan calls for drastic changes to address crude oil crisis.
Record-high fuel prices are set to take a bite out of spring and summer travel budgets this year.
80 investors came together to buy an island which is a short boat ride from Belize City.
Travel was expected to boom worldwide in 2022 but with Ukraine-Russia conflict, Europe may have to wait.
New U.S. sanctions against Russia could target oil and gas exports, which could drive fuel costs to their highest levels ever.
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The core “social identity” of believers influences whether saints stand fast in the faith.
Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table.
Whiting guided the Burley Bobcats to a state championship in 2022 and she has established a reputation for the way she develops players and maximizes their talents
Amari Whiting is committed to play collegiately for the Oregon Ducks and is one of the top high school recruits in the U.S.
The package allows the Pentagon to send roughly $11 billion in weapons and equipment from U.S. stockpiles, and $20 billion to offset the weapons already sent to Ukraine.
Spirit Airlines will begin service to and from Salt Lake City International Airport beginning May 26, just ahead of Memorial Day weekend. Initial service will consist of two daily flights to Las Vegas, and daily flights to Los Angeles and Orlando.
Another wintry bout of weather is poised to hit portions of Utah Wednesday into Friday, delivering up to 2 feet of snow in the mountains of northern Utah. This means potentially treacherous travel in which officials are recommending caution, and chains for those high elevation areas.
A wave of COVID-19 induced cancellations and delays has upended travel plans for thousands.
A trip to Disneyland for the holidays broke my brain. But then I realized there was something more.
Travel is back to pre-pandemic levels as millions of Americans gear up to catch a flight or hit the road.
Disneyland has a new Sip and Savor Pass for the holidays.
Getting back out into the world will also be a more expensive endeavor this year, thanks in part to rising fuel costs.
If you are ready to explore again, then here are 25 adventures for you
Two major storms could hit the U.S. over Thanksgiving week, bringing holiday travel to a pause.
United Airlines said it will stop flying to 11 US cities for the foreseeable future.
Salt Lake City International Airport ranks 8th nationally for gun confiscations.
Southwest canceled thousands of flights over the weekend for two reasons — weather and air traffic issues.
Skytrax, a review body, has picked the best airline in the world right now.
While the Salt Lake City International Airport has come online more in the past year as people return to the skies — nearly tripling the number of average passengers walking through its concourses daily since its first week — there’s plenty of evidence that the new airport isn’t complete.
A Salt Lake passenger made headlines for screaming at flight attendants.
The pandemic changed international travel — and our passports. Have we thought enough about that little booklet that makes travel (im)possible?
The CDC has added 16 destinations to the countries that have the highest COVID-19 travel risk right now.
Three major U.S. airlines said they would not require COVID-19 vaccinations for employees.
The coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. So should you cancel your travel plans?
The FAA found that alcohol often leads to unruliness on flights, a major problem during the pandemic.
Delta Airlines doesn’t require the COVID-19 vaccine for travelers yet.
What are the new travel restrictions? Who is required to vaccinate? Here’s what we know right now about these developing policies.