Just because you’re wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to go mask off.

Wearing glasses for vision or fashion may be your bag in 2020. But face masks and coverings may be the latest fashion (and safety) accessory for you to wear.

Of course, breathing into your mask may cause your glasses to fog.

“Everybody who wears glasses knows the problem: They fog up when you’re also wearing a mask. That’s not only an inconvenience, but it can also be a safety hazard,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

As a former glasses guy, I can attest that is no fun when your breath fogs your glasses. You might have to take off your glasses and wipe off the fog. Or wait for the mess to dissipate on its own.

So how do you beat it? Here are some tips from the Cleveland Clinic:

  • Find the right fit — Make sure your mask fits on your face with the nose bride to stop warm air from exiting the tip. Buy a mask that will fit to your face.
  • Clean with soapy water and a cloth — You’re bound to have these two items on hand if you’re washing your hands (note: do it). Apply soapy water and a cloth to your glasses to wipe the fog away.
  • Seal mask with glasses — Galaxy brain move right here. Put your mask up higher on your nose and use your glasses to seal any breaks and fit your face. A secure fit could stop warm air from leaking.
  • Tape it down — Oh my, you’re on X-Games mode. Use tape to keep your mask down on your nose and cheeks. Only use sports or medical tape for that as to not cause irritation.