Another mysterious monolith was recently discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And on Wednesday, people within the country torched it, Reuters reports.

What happened

The mysterious silver monolith appeared in Kinshasa’s Bandal neighborhood last weekend, per Reuters.

  • “We woke up and saw this metallic triangle,” Serge Ifulu, a local resident, told Reuters. “We were surprised.”
Mysterious monolith disappears from remote southeast Utah desert

A crowd gathered at the monolith on Wednesday to take some pictures and talk about the monolith’s origins, according to BBC News.

  • Then, residents began to destroy the monolith by beating it with sticks and lighting it on fire.

The bigger picture

The new monolith comes as similar structures have been discovered throughout the world. Back in November 2020, researchers found one in the Utah desert, which kickstarted the entire discovery trend, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.

Is there meaning behind the monoliths?

More monoliths were later discovered in Romania, California and Turkey, among other locations.