An Idaho middle school suffered from a school shooting on Thursday, and one of the school’s teachers put the shooting to an end, according to The Associated Press.

What happened in the Idaho school shooting

How the teacher stopped the Rigby shooting

According to The Associated Press, the girl pulled a gun from her backpack and fired shots both inside and outside of the school.

  • Then, a female teacher disarmed the shooter in some way. She also held her until police officials arrived and arrested the shooter.
  • “Today we had the worst nightmare a school district could encounter. We had a school shooting here at Rigby Middle School,” Jefferson School District Superintendent Chad Martin said. “What we know so far is the shooter has been apprehended. There is no further threat to the students.”

What’s next?

Per The Associated Press, law enforcement officials are still looking into why the girl attacked the school and where she might have received the firearm.