Nissan publicly announced the recall of more than 800,000 Rogue and Rogue Sport model cars, warning drivers that a key defect could turn off the car while moving and cause crashes.

The defect report specified that certain Nissan Rogue models, manufactured between 2014 and 2020, and Nissan Rogue Sport models, manufactured between 2017 and 2022, could be affected.

While more than 800,000 Rogues and Rogue Sports are being recalled globally, roughly 712,000 of them are in the United States and Canada, reported USA Today. Most are the regular Rogue model.

Vehicle owners can find out if their vehicle is affected on Nissan’s website with the vehicle identification number.

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Until the problem can be fixed, customers are warned not to have any accessories on their keys. The defect is because of the jack-knife key style, which can weaken over time and cause the key to close back into its casing while in the ignition, turning off the car while driving, Nissan warned.

Owners of the recalled vehicles can begin getting a new device inserted in their key fob to rectify the issue beginning March 17, reported USA Today.

The delay is because dealerships need time to get the new part, which is a spacer “that will not allow the key to collapse,” Nissan stated.

For now, no accidents have been reported because of the defect, per USA Today.

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