A world record-setting blueberry the size of a golf ball was grown in Australia. It came in weighing 0.71 ounces, making it the heaviest blueberry in history.

“Eterna as a variety has a really great flavour and consistently large fruit. When we picked this one, there were probably around 20 other berries of a similar size,” said Brad Hocking, a senior horticulturist at the Costa Group, which grew the massive blueberry, per CNN.

The blueberry was picked on Nov. 13 and the Guinness World Records recognized it as record-breaking this week. According to NBC News, “It easily surpassed the previous record holder, which also came from Australia and weighed 16.2 grams or 0.57 ounces.”

World’s heaviest blueberry stats

Here’s what we know about the blueberry:

  • It’s 10 times the size of the average blueberry, BBC reported.
  • It weighs 0.71 ounces, or 20.4 grams.
  • It’s 1.55 inches across.

“When we put the largest one on the scales that really blew us away, it was well above what we knew the current record to be,” Hocking told NBC News.

He also told The Guardian there are discussions about possibly setting it in resin and hanging it on the wall.

World’s heaviest fruit

The world’s largest fruit is one that is often confused as a vegetable — a pumpkin. The enormous pumpkin was grown in Italy in 2021 and weighs 2,702 pounds, according to Guinness World Records.