SALT LAKE CITY — A St. George man accused of killing his roommate says what happened was a mistake and he is sorry.

But a newly unsealed search warrant says Tommy James Bradshaw Jr. was known to recklessly fire his gun out the sunroof of his car.

Bradshaw, 32, is charged with murder, a first-degree felony in 5th District Court. He is accused of shooting and killing his roommate on June 23 after the man came home from swimming one night.

Jamal K. Goodman, 23, was shot in the chest and died shortly after being taken to a local hospital. The first officers arriving on scene were told the incident “could have possibly been an accidental shooting,” according to a pair of search warrant affidavits.

The first arriving officers reported finding Goodman lying in his closet and Bradshaw applying pressure to his wound. An officer then took over, trying to save Goodman.

A spent shell casing was found in the hallway between the roommates’ two bedrooms, according to an affidavit. The gun was allegedly found in Bradshaw’s room.

Bradshaw said Goodman had come back from swimming and pounded on Bradshaw’s bedroom door, police said.

“Tommy had retrieved a handgun from his closet,” a police booking affidavit says. “Tommy had deactivated the safety, operated the slide, and left his room to seek out the victim. Tommy located the victim in a closet and pointed the gun at him before pulling the trigger and seeing the victim fall to the ground.”

According to the warrants, Bradshaw “made the comment that he could not believe it went off.” He told police that the shooting was an accident, but also admitted that “he has acted recklessly with his firearm in the past.”

Bradshaw said he fired his gun out of a vehicle near a basketball facility in St. George about three months earlier, the warrant states. Police confirmed they had received calls from residents who heard shots, but the gunman wasn’t located.

In another incident, Bradshaw said he fired multiple shots out of the sunroof of his car while driving on I-15, according to police.

Bradshaw is currently being held in the Washington County Jail on $250,000 cash-only bail, according to court documents. A hearing to review his bail status is scheduled for Aug. 11.

Last week, Bradshaw sent a two-page handwritten letter to the judge, asking that he be released to be with his family.

In the letter, Bradshaw explained how he is originally from Mississippi and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and be a police officer. He said he attempts to give back to the community by helping with basketball and football camps.

Bradshaw said bought his first gun this year “because of all this crazy stuff happening in the world.” He also noted that because of the death of his roommate, he will never touch a gun again.

“After losing my best friend which was a mistake. This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he wrote.

Bradshaw added that the shooting “hurts me everyday” and that “I am truly sorry.”