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These Fortnite players are getting free V-Bucks. Here’s why

Fortnite will be giving V-bucks — a digital currency — to players

The latest season of ‘Fortnite’ brings Marvel to the battle royale planet.
The latest season of Fortnite brings Marvel to the battle royale planet. Fortnite will be giving V-bucks — a digital currency — to players.
Epic Games

Gamers who play Fortnite: Save the World — the paid version of Fortnite will a story mode — will receive 1,000 free V-bucks (the game’s digital currency), according to Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite.

What’s going on?

Engadget reports that “Save the World” players will receive 1,000 V-bucks after purchasing random loot boxes — boxes within the game that you buy in exchange for random items.

The Fortnite game developer Epic Games is doing this “to settle a class action lawsuit filed against it over loot boxes, as approved by the Superior Court of North Carolina,” according to Engadget.

  • Epic Games used to sell blind items in boxes in “Save the World” and “Rocket League” until 2019 when it decided to add new V-Buck Llamas with X-Ray Llamas, which reveal what’s in the random boxes beforehand, according to Engadget.
  • Epic Games said in a statement it will “make this benefit available to players globally” despite the settlement being for U.S. gamers only.

How Epic Games explained it

The official Fortnite Twitter account announced the decision in a tweet:

“We’re dropping 1,000 V-Bucks into the accounts of all players globally who bought a random item Loot Llama in STW before we stopped offering them. No action needed, if you purchased this item you should see the V-Bucks in your account over the next few days.”

“We believe players should know upfront what they are paying for when they make in-game purchases. This is why today we only offer X-Ray Llamas that show you the contents before you purchase them in Save the World.”