NBA legend Dennis Rodman has inserted himself into yet another international crisis, after sharing this weekend that he plans to go to Russia and free WNBA star Brittney Griner.

“I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl,” Rodman told NBC News Saturday at a restaurant in D.C. “I’m trying to go this week.”

Rodman has previously tried to smooth tensions between North Korea and the United States. NBC News noted that he credits himself with securing the release of American Kenneth Bae from that country.

“Rodman has cultivated a relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the past decade, making multiple visits to the hermit kingdom. ... In 2018, he showed up on the sidelines of former President Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim in Singapore,” the article said.

Brittney Griner timeline: What led to WNBA star’s conviction?
Why was Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in jail by a Russian court?

Today, as in the past, some international relations experts fear that Rodman will cause more harm than good. A senior Biden administration officials told NBC News that the former NBA star’s potential trip would complicate ongoing negotiations.

“It’s public information that the administration has made a significant offer to the Russians and anything other than negotiating further through the established channel is likely to complicate and hinder release efforts,” the official said.

Why is Brittney Griner in Russia?

Griner, who has been stuck in Russia for more than six months, was sentenced to nine years in prison on Aug. 4 after being convinced of smuggling drugs into the country.

The Biden administration has committed to securing her release and recently proposed a prisoner swap.

The “administration has offered to swap Viktor Bout, an arms dealer imprisoned in the U.S., for Griner and former Marine Paul Whelan,” as the Deseret News reported earlier this month.

Griner’s situation is complicated by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Some political experts worry that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not budget on Griner’s imprisonment unless the Biden administration decreases its support to Ukraine.

Why is Dennis Rodman involved in the Brittney Griner situation?

In the NBC News interview, Rodman expressed confidence that he could help Russia and the U.S. come to an agreement.

“I know Putin too well,” he said.

Although the State Department currently advises against traveling to Russia, Rodman could put his plan in action without the government’s permission, according to NBC News.

“Rodman, who was in Washington for a sneaker convention, does not need special permission from the U.S. to enter Russia — just a visa from Moscow,” the article noted.