It seems as though when Taylor Swift sang “I want your midnights” on the 2017 album “Reputation,” she wasn’t lying.

On Aug. 28th, Swift announced her tenth studio album at the MTV Video Music Awards, while accepting the award for Best Long Form Video for the “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” short film. During her acceptance speech, after expressing her pride in the music video and her gratitude to her fans, Swift said, “I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand new album comes out Oct. 21.” She finished her speech with a pointed, “I will tell you more at midnight.” 

Nearly a month has passed since the declaration. That’s a lot of time for clues to be hinted at and revealed. What has Taylor Swift told us about the album so far? 

What is Taylor Swift’s new album called?

Later on the night of the VMAs, Swift took to Instagram for part deux of the announcement. She revealed that the album will be titled “Midnights.” In the announcement, Swift wrote that the album will be a collection of 13 songs that she wrote in the middle of the night, “for all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching — hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve ... we’ll meet ourselves.” 

What else do we know about Taylor Swift’s new album?

There is no word on the genre of music that the album will fall under, whether it will lean toward the indie folk of “Folklore” and “Evermore” or the bubblegum pop of “Lover.” Apple Music has the album under Rock, but that seems to be a generic place holder. What seems almost certain is that the album will be intimate and emotional. 

Photos for the album show Swift in a rather melancholy state. The Instagram message was posted over a photo of Swift sitting alongside a small table with her head in her hands, darkly lit in rich orange and browns. Pre-orders for the album are available on Swift’s official website, and alternate covers for the vinyls follow the same somber, darkly lit color scheme. The photos have a distinct 70’s vibe from the wood-paneled walls to Swift’s hair stylings and bright eyeshadow. In a Tiktok, Swift shared that the back covers of the four vinyls when placed together form a clock. 

Through videos on TikTok and Instagram, Taylor Swift has been whetting fan’s appetites. In a video posted on September 16, Swift compiled a collection of videos from the making of the album. Shots include her goofing around in a recording studio with co-producer Jack Antonoff, playing the piano, singing into recording equipment and, in a shot that may give a hint as to the atmosphere of “Midnights,” walking through the snow. 

Swifties and casual listeners alike will be able to purchase the record on CD, vinyl and cassette tape. According to Billboard, the vinyl will include a collectible album sleeve, a full-size gatefold photo and a collectible 8 page photo booklet. The CD will include a unique cover photo and a 24 page photo booklet. Also, according to Billboard, three special edition vinyls will be available for one week — “Midnights: Jade Green Edition,” “Midnights: Blood Moon Edition” and “Midnights: Mahogany Edition.” Each of the casings will be a unique shade of marbled green, brown, or orange and feature an alternate cover photo. 

How Taylor Swift is revealing track titles for ‘Midnights’ on TikTok 

On Wednesday, Swift began a series of TikToks she’s calling “Midnights Mayhem with Me.” In the first Tiktok, appropriately dropping at midnight, Swift pokes fun at her reputation for easter eggs to reveal the title of a song.

“I know that I have a habit of dropping cryptic clues and easter eggs when giving you information about my music and I am not here to deny that, but I am here to defy that,” she said in the video.

The first song title shared was track 13 (of course!) called “Mastermind.”

@taylorswift Midnights tracklist reveal!! Introducing: Midnights Mayhem with Me 🌌😎 #TSmidnighTS #SwiftTok #MidnightsMayhemWithMe ♬ Midnights Mayhem episode 1 - Taylor Swift

On Friday, she revealed that track 8 will be titled “Vigilante (expletive).”

We do not yet now how often she will unveil a track name before the Oct. 21 album release.