It’s no secret that cookies are popular in Utah

Crumbl. Chip. Dirty Dough. Ruby Snap. There are dozens of cookie places in the Beehive State, offering different types and flavors of cookies. When the Utah Cookie War reached a high point, Deseret News employees conducted a taste test of the cookies involved in the war — Crumbl, Dirty Dough and Crave.

Some readers requested a thorough ranking and test, so it’s high time we delivered.

Origins of the taste test

A few months ago, I commissioned two of my friends to be involved in this taste test — both with different tastes in dessert than each other and myself. A fourth friend was responsible for picking up the cookies and arranging them for a blind test.

With their permission, I am now sharing the results of this taste test.

Parameters of the cookie taste test

Three people were involved in the tasting of cookies. We tried two cookies from each store ranked on this list. The rating was determined based on multiple factors: taste, texture, overall quality and balance (i.e. is the cookie just the right amount of sweet?). The cookies were eaten in a blind taste test on the same day of purchase with milk in between bites.

The cookies on the list were determined to be the best of the best in a valley full of good cookies with unique flavors.

Without further ado, here are the results.

Utah Cookie Wars: Who won ... the Deseret News taste test?


We had the Scotcharookie and the chocolate chip cookie in our taste test. The Scotcharookie? My word was it is decadent. The crunch around the outside was perfect along with a gooey center. The butterscotch and chocolate combination made it a very sweet cookie, but a good one. The chocolate chip cookie was also a solid cookie. The milk chocolate chips put it on the sweeter side than other cookies that use semi-sweet chips, but we loved the texture, which was smooth, rich and soft with a crisped outside.


Don’t sleep on Sodalicious cookies. We tried the pink sugar along with the chocolate chip. The pink sugar was perfect. We liked that it was a thinner sugar cookie than others and the amount of frosting on the cookie. With cookies with toppings, we like a thinner one. It’s served chilled, which we agreed elevated the test. The chocolate chip cookie was a good chocolate chip cookie — a little too sweet for some of us, but still very much recommendable and worth a try.

Dirty Dough

We tried the chocolate chip cookie and the Raspberry Toaster Tart. Our first response was these cookies are seriously big — not only in thickness, but also in the circumference of them. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty sweet — both the dough and the chips, but the salt in the dough helped cut the sweetness. The Raspberry Toaster Tart cookie was loved by two people in the taste test — the center was their favorite part, saying that it was unexpected and delightful.


We tried the pink sugar and the chocolate chip cookie. The frosting on the pink sugar was fascinating. We later found out that it was almond extract that gave the cookies their unique flavor. We loved the pink sugar, which was one of the best on this list. The chocolate chip cookie was gooey — exceptionally so. It felt liked it melted in your mouth when you tried it. But one of us thought that the cookie was too sweet.

How Crumbl won the great Utah cookie war and expanded an empire of sugar

Ruby Snap

The original cookie in Utah, some would say. These cookies have a softer texture than other cookies do and it’s a winning quality of theirs. The amount of sweetness is perfect and so is the thickness. We tried the chocolate chip as well as a passionfruit cookie, which had a unique and tasty flavor.

Twisted Sugar

We tried the pink sugar and the peanut butter cup cookie here. The pink sugar here was crispier than other sugar cookies — which was great, because two of us preferred a crispy cookie. The peanut butter cup cookie was probably the best exception of a peanut butter cookie any of us had in a while. It wasn’t sticky like other variations tended to be, yet it was creamy, sweet, smooth and chocolate-y. Great cookie.

The winner: Chip Cookies

Chip Cookies was determined to be the best cookie on the list. The cookie was on the thicker side, which makes it so you always have lots of leftovers. The dough itself was sweet and a little salty, which complemented the big chocolate chips in the cookie. The middle felt a little underbaked, which is what we loved the most. It’s a decadent cookie, but a fantastic one.

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