Looking for a great burrito can take some time. And on National Burrito Day, you may want to eat a good one.

Some people like burritos that are full of everything — rice, beans, meat, cheese and vegetables. Other people like burritos that are more simple with fewer toppings. Wherever you land in terms of what toppings you like, there’s a burrito for everyone.

To celebrate some of the best burritos in Utah, here’s a list of some restaurants with fantastic burritos in the Beehive State.

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Happy National Burrito Day! Here’s where you can get free (or really cheap) burritos

Red Iguana

Locations: Salt Lake City.

What to get: Red Iguana is one of the most iconic restaurants in Salt Lake City and for good reason — it has fantastic food. If you come here for a burrito, consider getting the chile verde burrito. The chile verde here is fantastic and would be a great accompaniment to any of the restaurant’s burritos. The simple bean and cheese burrito is great. The burritos really let the meat shine, so if you are looking for a burrito like that, come here.

Chile Tepin

Locations: Salt Lake City.

What to get: Chile Tepin is a restaurant known for its fresh ingredients and classic dishes. The veggie burrito is one of the best in the city. Since the tortillas are so fresh and the vegetables are fantastic, it really lets them shine and has a great taste. Another great option is the carne asada burrito, which is popular here. If you get the burrito smothered, the red sauce is flavorful and great. If you want to stay for dessert, this is the place to do it.

Real Taqueria

Locations: Holladay.

What to get: Real Taqueria has some of the best food in Utah hands down. While you’re here for the burritos, you also might want to try the chips and queso, which is amazing. The chips taste so fresh and the queso is flavorful. The burrito to get here is either the nopalitos (cactus) or the vegetarian burrito or the pollo asado. All burritos here come with beans, rice, cilantro and fantastic sauces and salsas. The hot roja salsa is creamy and spicy, and it pairs well with the avocado crema.

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Lone Star Taqueria

Locations: Salt Lake City.

What to get: Lone Star Taqueria has some of Utah’s favorite burritos. My colleague said that the best burrito here is the “What the Boys Eat” burrito. She said that it had a fantastic flavor and was filling. What I like about the burritos here is that the vegetarian option is chock full of vegetables. It has zucchini, carrots and many more vegetables, which makes it have such a fresh and interesting flavor.


Locations: Salt Lake City.

What to get: Chunga’s is a classic option for burritos in Salt Lake City. It’s a tortilla with beans, rice, pico de gallo, lettuce, sour cream and your option of either meat or cactus with mushrooms or zucchini flowers. The pastor here is a great option and so is the zucchini flowers. If you like more of a simple burrito that isn’t going to be too spicy while still being flavorful, this burrito is a great option.

El Toro Viejo

Locations: Logan.

What to get: El Toro Viejo is a great option for Mexican food in Logan. If you come here for a burrito, consider trying the fajita burrito. The peppers here are always fresh and are cooked well, so that they’re crispy while still having a great, easy to eat texture. Another upside of this burrito is that the vegetarian option is great and so are the meat options.

El Gallo Giro

Locations: Provo.

What to get: El Gallo Giro is a great option for burritos. The burritos here come with rice and refried beans on the side. Generally speaking, these burritos are on the more simple side. The bean and cheese burrito is fantastic and my friends who live in Provo love going here for their California burrito. If you’re looking for a burrito place in Provo, this is an awesome option.

Cafe Sabor

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Locations: Logan, Layton, St. George and Bear Lake.

What to get: Cafe Sabor is a favorite for people in Logan, but the restaurant has a couple of other locations as well. My favorite burrito here is the vegetarian burrito, which has grilled vegetables in it along with a fantastic red sauce. The fajita burrito is a great option as well if you like to have vegetables and meat in your burrito. The chile verde burrito has a fantastic, fresh sauce that is worth trying.

Guru’s Cafe

Locations: Provo.

What to get: Guru’s Cafe is an eclectic cafe that really has options for the whole crowd. On its menu is a burrito that is worth trying. The burrito grande is perfect for people who love cheesy burritos filled with meat and sour cream. Another great option is to order the southwest chipotle wrap and to get the side of beans and rice, then mix that into the wrap. You’ll need to take out some of the other filling, but that makes great leftovers.

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