The last episode of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” dropped Friday, and the episode shows the weddings and wedding refusals of each couple.

A reunion of the cast members was supposed to air live on Netflix Sunday night, but technical difficulties led to the show being recorded and posted later. All episodes are available on Netflix now if you haven’t caught up yet.

What is the premise of ‘Love Is Blind?’

The premise of the show is that young single adults agree to marry someone without ever seeing their physical appearance. Men and women live separately from each other inside a warehouse, and they meet each other in separate pods where they can hear each other but cannot see one another.

Once they have a connection, one of them proposes and if the other agrees, they get to meet in person. Soon after meeting, all of the couples go on a couples trip to Mexico to get to know each other better.

While in Mexico, the couples who said yes to getting engaged have parties together and reconvene — meeting the people they dated in the pods in real life, including those they might have had a strong connection or romantic interest in that didn’t work out.

If the couples are still together after the trip, they move into an apartment to live together for two weeks planning a wedding together. At the wedding, each person decides whether to say yes or no to marriage.

To be on the show, individuals must live in the city where the filming is taking place, with the fourth season taking place in Seattle, Washington.

Like in any relationship, issues and drama come up that make for great TV, showing an interesting perspective on dating and relationships that take place at hyper-speed.

The show is typically filmed a year ahead of when the episodes drop, according to Business Insider.

Here’s a breakdown of each couple’s story on the show, what happened once they left the pods and who said yes to marriage, as well as who said no.

Chelsea and Kwame in “Love is Blind.”
Chelsea and Kwame in “Love is Blind.” | Netflix

Did Kwame and Chelsea say yes to marriage on ‘Love Is Blind’?

One of the most hotly contested and compelling couples to watch this season is former pro soccer player and businessman Kwame Appiah with speech pathologist Chelsea Griffin. In the pods, Kwame made a strong connection with another woman there — Micah Lussier. But Micah ended the relationship to pursue her connection with another man in the pods — Paul Peden.

In the show, Appiah seems fairly devastated by the breakup but continues pursuing a relationship with Griffin, ultimately proposing to her with his guitar and a made-up song about their relationship. She gives an adamant yes and the couple sets off to Mexico.

While in Mexico, Appiah talks with Lussier during a pool party with all the couples, and he expresses how much she hurt him and shows a continued romantic interest in her — the two touch each other’s hands and faces and are seen hugging.

Griffin and Appiah discuss his past connection with Lussier, but Appiah reassures Griffin he wants to be with her, and they move in together in Seattle. Tension arises around committing to marriage, the possibility of Appiah having to move from Portland to Seattle to be together, as well as discussions around Appiah and Lussier’s past connection. He also claims that his mother doesn’t support the marriage, and the only family member who shows up at their wedding from his side is his sister.

The last episode that aired on April 7 before the finale leaves viewers on a cliffhanger ending with Appiah and Griffin at the altar. She says yes, but viewers had to wait until Friday, April 14, to see if he agreed to marry her.

Ultimately, Appiah says, “I do,” and the couple gets married.

At the reunion, the couple is still together and say many of their happiest moments were left out of the final edits that viewers ended up seeing.

Did Brett and Tiffany say yes to marriage on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Brett and Tiffany in “Love is Blind.”
Brett and Tiffany in “Love is Blind.” | Netflix

Fan-favorites Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell appeared to make an instant connection in the pods on the show. The marketing director and sales recruiter are the oldest couple on the show, with Brown at 35 and Pennywell at 36. They quickly agree that they are only interested in talking to each other, cutting off any other possible connections. Pennywell tells Brown how she loves to take on a challenge, sharing how she joined drumline in high school — a position that is typically male-dominated. Brown opens up about his brother’s death and family dynamics with her.

When Brown finally tells Pennywell he is falling in love with her, he sits in silence, waiting for a response to hear nothing. He leaves the room, and soon after, some of her friends come in to wake her up. She apologizes to him and he is understanding, and the pair ultimately get engaged. When they meet in person, the two clearly have chemistry and seem like a good match.

Each challenge the couple faces, they appear to handle maturely and with level heads — Pennywell teases Brown about having so many nice material things, including an extensive shoe collection, and he explains how he worked hard and makes good money to enjoy it. He shows her his apartment, and she expresses concerns about how she will fit in the space and he offers to get a two- or three-bedroom apartment if she likes the complex and location.

In previews leading up to the wedding episode, it shows Pennywell crying and Brown saying, “This should not happen,” leading viewers to think there could be trouble on the horizon. But the magic of editing was at work here. Pennywell was crying because of how grateful she was for him, and Brown was upset because his pants weren’t tailored correctly. He gets the pants fixed, and the couple says “I do.”

During the reunion, the couple are still together, saying they are happily married wearing complementary outfits — with “Boujie Brett” wearing a custom suit and flashy sneakers.

Did Micah and Paul say yes to marriage on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Paul and Micah in “Love is Blind.”
Paul and Micah in “Love is Blind.” | Netflix

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden experienced what they called “a slow burn” in the pods. She says it felt like he came out of nowhere and she starts falling for him. She breaks things off with Appiah, and Peden breaks things off with one of his strong connections — 34-year-old flight attendant Amber Wilder.

The couple sets off to Mexico and appear to have a somewhat easygoing relationship. He mentions he typically goes for women who are “more witchy” and “who brew kombucha,” while she admits he is a bit “dorkier” than the guys she typically goes for.

When Lussier introduces Peden to her friends, one of her close friends tells her she has concerns about the relationship and that “he’s not for her.” Lussier seems concerned, but the pair move forward with the relationship.

On the wedding day, the officiant asks Lussier for her answer first, and she defers to Peden to hear him first. He ultimately says he doesn’t think they’re the right match for each other, and the couple parts ways.

During the reunion, the couple reveals they did try to date after the wedding, but that it still didn’t work out.

Did Bliss and Zach say yes to marriage on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Bliss and Zach in “Love is Blind.”
Bliss and Zach in “Love is Blind.” | Netflix

Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski experience the experiment somewhat differently than the other couples. The two made a connection in the pods, both having a strong family connection to the song “I Hope You Dance” by LeeAnn Womack. However, Goytowski also has a strong connection to another woman there — Irina Solomonova.

In the pods, he decides to break things off with Poureetezadi and proposes to Solomonova. Once the two meet, Solomonova dodges any attempt to kiss or hug or be close from Goytowski. The couple goes to Mexico but end up calling it quits at the end of the trip.

Goytowski approaches Poureetezadi with the hopes of apologizing and reconciling, and the pair strike up a romantic relationship.

Poureetezadi told that once she met him in person, she knew she wanted to be with him, despite the heartbreak of the breakup.

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“I was willing to meet up with him because I felt like I could really trust this person,” she said. “I also really felt like I loved this person. I felt like this was my person.” 

Goytowski proposes, and she says yes. They move in together and introduce each other to their families and plan to move forward with a wedding.

On the wedding day, both of them say yes, and, like Goytowski’s mother’s request to dance to “I Hope You Dance” at his wedding, the couple share their first dance to the song.

At the reunion, the couple is still together, sharing sappy, sweet stories of writing their own songs together.

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