On “Claim to Fame,” 12 relatives of celebrities remove themselves from the outside world — no TV and internet — and spend several weeks trying to figure out how they’re all famous-adjacent.

Each week on the reality competition show, the contestants uncover clues about identities through a series of games and challenges, and mysteries start to fall in place. Now, the show is officially down to its final three: Chris, Gabriel and Monay.

During the ninth episode, which aired Aug. 28, Karsyn’s celebrity identity was revealed.

Here’s a look at what the show revealed about Karsyn.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

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How does ‘Claim to Fame’ work?

Over the course of “Claim to Fame” — which is hosted by pop star Kevin Jonas and his lesser-known brother, Frankie Jonas — the guests attempt to uncover each other’s identities.

During each episode, the contestants — who may or may not use their real names — compete in challenges. The winner of a challenge is exempt from being identified. The group then picks one of the bottom two contestants to be the “guesser,” per Women’s Health magazine.

The guesser has to pick a contestant and guess their celebrity relative. If they get it right, the contestant goes home — but if they get it wrong, the guesser’s celebrity connection is revealed and the guesser goes home.

The last person standing receives a $100,000 prize.

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Who is Karsyn on ‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2?

At this point in the season, the remaining contestants appeared to have figured out Karsyn’s mystery celebrity.

For the two truths and a lie game that started out the season, Karsyn told her competitors that her celebrity relative is her uncle, a musician who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, Parade reported.

By episode 4, contestants were pretty certain Karsyn was related to a racecar driver, with their initial guess being Jeff Gordon. In episode 6, Olivia — Jenny McCarthy’s niece — took the fall with the incorrect guess, per Parade.

According to Parade, episode 7 revealed the most about Karsyn, including:

  • He’s 48 years old.
  • He was born in North Carolina.
  • “Known associates include Danica _______ , ______ Zuckerberg, and Jay-Z.”
  • “Won Daytona _______ in 2004.”
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According to Screenrant, Karysn was able to protect the following clue about her identity that would have (most) likely given her away in episode 8: “Danica Patrick hosts a podcast, which featured Karsyn’s relative who spoke about his career and his late father.”

Spoiler alert: So who is Karysn’s mystery relative? Several outlets reported that she is likely related to Dale Earnhardt Jr. This is also the guess Gabriel landed on at the end of episode nine, and it was revealed to be correct.

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How to watch the ‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 finale

The two-hour “Claim to Fame” finale, which will see the return of contestants from earlier in the season, airs Monday at 7 p.m. MDT on ABC. The finale — episodes 9 and 10 — will be available for streaming the following day on Hulu.

Who has been revealed on ‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2?

“Claim to Fame” is down to the finale. At this point, nine of the 12 celebrity connections have been revealed, per TV Insider:

  • Carly — Tom Hanks’ niece.
  • Travis — Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son.
  • Jane (real name Jada Star) — Dolly Parton’s niece.
  • Shayne — Eddie Murphy’s daughter.
  • Cole — Alicia Keys’ brother.
  • Olivia — Jenna McCarthy’s niece.
  • Hugo — Jimmy Carter’s grandson.
  • JR — Lil Nas X’s brother.
  • Karsyn — Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s niece.
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