Through forest bathing, float therapy or labyrinth walking, travel destinations from around the world help to improve individuals’ health.
The insects, which infest anything from houses and hotels to buses, have a new species headed north.
Picking out what type of luggage you are bringing for your trip beforehand can help you save time and costs.
The condition, also known as Chronic Wasting Disease, is spreading among deer populations and potentially humans.
Looking at data from last year, OAG ranked arrival time for flights by percentage. Delta comes out on top
Volunteer programs can have a large impact on communities as long as individuals’ skills align with the tasks they undertake.
Gifting others food is a great way to make a new friend and help others feel loved.
These books, recommended and read by professionals, are easy to read and proven to be helpful.
SenseToKnow might be a faster and more accurate way to diagnosis autism in children of different genders, races and backgrounds.
A Delta Airlines flight scheduled to depart from Amsterdam to Detroit turned back midway after maggots were found aboard.
If you’re not cleaning up after your pet, life-threatening parasites spread into the soil.
Post about your grievances of flight trouble or delays? A fake airline rep might try to “help.”
The gift of travel is good for every type of group and creates lasting memories.
Besides wall sits, there are other exercises to avoid hypertension, high blood pressure.
We ingest millions of small plastic particles a year. Though impossible to stop, there are suggestions to follow to reduce our intake.
Long flights can be comfortable and relaxing if you follow these tips to prepare.
Having plants in your home can reduce stress and anxiety, sharpen attention and increase happiness.
Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by sharing homemade treats that spread love and joy to family, friends and neighbors.
Watching these 15-minute “TED Talks” could help you expand your potential.
We love our pets. Therefore, traveling with them should be enjoyable and stress-free.
Celebrating the Lunar New Year at home can help you grow closer to your family and learn more about Chinese culture.
Sitting all day at work can increase your chances of an early death by 16%.
Take some needed time off to rejuvenate by doing fun activities at home.