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A new BBC Radio 4 documentary found that women’s paintings are valued at a tenth of men’s paintings.
DALL-E mini, recently renamed to Craiyon, is an AI model that generates images based on text prompts.
Don’t worry — no sheep were harmed.
New York prison officials lifted a ban on a book about the 1971 Attica uprising following a lawsuit by the book’s author.
Stephen King testified against his own publisher, Simon & Schuster, in a major antitrust trial.
A new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art aims to show what ancient sculptures actually looked like.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson will remain in power until the Conservative Party names his replacement.
Neighborhoods with a lot of dogs have lower rates of crime, according to a new study.
A 22-year-old was apprehended for the shooting
Jackson became the first the Black woman on the Supreme Court.
The FBI has seized 25 paintings allegedly by Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Happy the Elephant, a 51-year-old elephant at the Bronx Zoo, is not legally considered a person, according to a New York court ruling.
A one-of-a-kind copy of Margaret Atwood’s bestselling novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” sold at auction for $130,000 on Tuesday.
Bees are now considered fish in some circumstances, a California court ruled.
Mass shootings happened in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Virginia and Arizona, taking the lives of multiple people and injuring dozens.
Couples might soon be “Crying in the Chapel,” because Elvis-themed weddings in Las Vegas may be coming to an end
Scientists from the University of Florida have successfully grown plants in soil collected from the moon.
Indiana Rep. André Carson said the hearing will focus on “unidentified aerial phenomena” and the “national security risk it poses.”
Thailand’s government will give away 1 million cannabis plants to its citizens for free for “home cultivation.”