Donny Osmond just reprised his role in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Last week, the singer pulled out the same coat of many colors he wore for 2,000 performances in the 1990s and put it on to sing “Any Dream Will Do” for fans throughout the world.

As he sang, Osmond stood next to his laptop, where a video of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber playing the tune on the piano accompanied him.

Osmond’s decision to bring back the “red and yellow and green and brown and blue” coat comes as Webber has been reaching out to fans on social media, taking requests and performing songs from his many musicals — including “Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats” and “Joseph” — to help lift spirits amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The composer, who turned 72 on March 22, has been documenting his self-isolation at home in England, where he is working on a modern adaptation of “Cinderella” that is set to debut on London’s West End later this year.

Using the hashtags #HomeIsWhereTheMusicIs and #TogetherAtHome, Webber has posted several videos in recent weeks interacting with his fans and playing songs. One of his latest entries called for fans to sing along to “Any Dream Will Do.”

“Make a video of yourselves singing along to it, and I’d like to have a look at them,” Webber said.

Osmond was one of many fans who submitted a performance — the video of Webber playing the tune on the piano has almost half-a-million views.

“It’s been brilliant to see everyone’s recordings of ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and it has truly shown that #HomeIsWhereTheMusicIs!” Webber later posted.

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For the fans that performed his favorite covers, Webber offered tickets to “Cinderella” when it opens later this year.

On March 29, Webber released a “Sunday Singalong” video that showcased fans throughout the world singing the song to together — Osmond shows up at about the 1:15 mark.

That video has more than 1 million views and has been shared 26,000 times.

“What a beautiful way to bring people together!” one person wrote. “Well done everyone! Thank you Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, you sir are an amazing gift to the world! Happy Belated Birthday.”