Scottie Scheffler will not play in this weekend’s Wells Fargo Championship, a key tune-up event for golf’s next major.

Scheffler will instead remain at home with his wife, Meredith. The couple is expected to welcome their first child any day now, if they haven’t already, according to the PGA Tour.

“He has not competed since his victory at the RBC Heritage, which concluded April 22,” the article said.

When is the next major golf tournament?

This month’s PGA Championship is one of professional golf’s four majors.

The majors are the most prestigious events on the PGA Tour’s schedule and get the most attention from dedicated golf fans, as well as casual observers.

Here are the dates for the majors in 2024:

  • The Masters: The Masters took place April 11-14. Scheffler won by four strokes.
  • PGA Championship: The PGA Championship will start on May 16.
  • U.S. Open: The U.S. Open will start on June 13.
  • British Open: The British Open will start on July 18.
Scottie Scheffler is the top golfer in the world. He says faith is his defining trait

Has Scottie Scheffler’s baby come yet?

While at the Masters, Scheffler repeatedly said he would leave the tournament early if his wife went into labor, as the Deseret News previously reported.

The same was true at the RBC Heritage, which Scheffler won by three strokes.

After the RBC Heritage, Scheffler began a planned break from competitive golf, during which he was expected to become a dad and enjoy extra time with his family.

But the baby had still not arrived as of May 2, when Golfweek reporter Adam Schupak checked in with Scottie Scheffler’s parents.

The Scheffler family has not offered any additional updates on the baby since then.

Wells Fargo Championship

Scheffler’s absence from this week’s Wells Fargo Championship is notable not just because of its proximity to the PGA Championship, but also because its one of the PGA Tour’s signature events.

Signature events offer more prize money and more FedExCup points, and only top-ranked players are eligible to compete, according to the PGA Tour’s website.

Scheffler is currently the No. 1 golfer in the world. He’s won four of the past five tournaments he’s entered and come in second in the fifth, as the Deseret News previously reported.