An entire Southwest Airlines flight in Nashville was asked to deplane on Tuesday after a passenger refused to wear a face mask, Fox News reports.

What happened:

A female passenger boarded a flight to Las Vegas without a mask. She refused a request to wear one.

  • The plane returned to the gate.
  • Officers boarded the plane to deal with the passenger. She did not follow instructions.
  • The Tennessean reports that the officers deplaned everyone on the flight so then they could escort the woman off the flight.
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One passenger wrote about the experience on Facebook.

  • “Thanks to this woman, an entire plane of passengers had to deplane because she refused to wear a mask,” Ross said, according to The Tennessean. ”Passengers thanked her for ruining their day (missed connections due to the delay) and screamed back, ‘I’m allowed! I’m allowed!’ to which at least half of the passengers in unison yelled back ‘No you are not!’”

Bigger picture

  • The Southwest Airlines incident is one of several examples over the last few months where passengers had to deal with people refusing to wear face masks.