SALT LAKE CITY — A woman who said she was “full of rage” when she stabbed her live-in boyfriend was charged Monday with killing him.

Fernanda Tobar, 22, of Salt Lake City, is charged in 3rd District Court with murder, a first-degree felony.

Salt Lake police were called to a disturbance at 239 E. South Temple on Nov. 13. Three residents in an apartment complex called 911 stating they could hear arguing in the hallway, a possible stabbing and a woman yelling, “Help me,” according to charging documents,

When officers arrived, they could hear Tobar yelling for help, and found her standing inside an elevator with Ryan Outlaw, 39, who was on the ground with two stab wounds to his chest, the charges state. Outlaw died from his injuries.

When police questioned Tobar, they said she initially gave conflicting stories. She later admitted they had been drinking and “that she was very angry and ‘full of rage’ this evening due to some jealousy issues between her and Ryan,” according to charging documents.

Tobar said she threw some of Outlaw’s possessions out of their seventh story window, and he started to leave while talking “smack” to her, the charges state.

“Tobar stated she began to hit Ryan with her hands all over his chest and back. Tobar stated she picked up a sharp item and admitted ‘hitting’ Ryan with it on his chest. Tobar said during the interview that they didn’t have any ‘big knives,’ just small ones, kitchen knives, and that was what she believed she used to stab Ryan,” according to the charges.

When she noticed Outlaw was bleeding, she “asked him if he wanted an ambulance. Fernanda said that (Outlaw) nodded in the affirmative,” according to a police affidavit.

Police found Tobar as the couple reached the lobby to get help, and later arrested her.