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Jade Trapp, 16, and Audrey Curtiss, 15, both students at Grantsville High School, embrace during a candlelight vigil for the Haynie family at Grantsville City Park on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020. Police say four members of the Haynie family were killed and one injured after being shot by a teenage family member on Jan. 17.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Grim tally: A look at each of Utah’s homicide victims of 2020

SHARE Grim tally: A look at each of Utah’s homicide victims of 2020
SHARE Grim tally: A look at each of Utah’s homicide victims of 2020

Isaac Ignacio Gonzalez

Weber County Attorney’s Office

1. OGDEN, Jan. 9 — Isaac Ignacio Gonzalez, 21, of North Ogden, was shot in a church parking lot, 236 Porter Ave., and later died from his injuries at a local hospital. A second man was also shot. Police believe the shootings were drug related. Caleb Michael Skipps, 19, of Pleasant View, is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

2. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 10 — The body of John H. Peel, 74, was found in his burning home, 717 E. Logan Ave. After putting out the fire, investigators discovered Peel had also suffered multiple stab wounds. Maxwell Wolcott, 28, of Murray — Peel’s grandson — is changed with aggravated murder and then setting the fire to try to cover up the crime. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing 

3. MILLCREEK, Jan. 11 — Two residents at the Willow Wood Care Center, 1205 E. Bonner Way, got into a fight. The injuries initially seemed minor, but in April, police were notified that Larry Royce Williams, 81, had died and the state medical examiner ruled the manner of death as homicide. However, the other man involved in the fight, Dexter Church, 75, was not arrested and no charges were filed. Both men suffered from dementia and did not have the mental capacity to function outside the facility, according to police. Church died in August. Motive: Dementia Method: Assault


Adam Cross


4. WEST JORDAN, Jan. 21 — Adam D. Cross, 27, of West Jordan, was fatally stabbed in front of his girlfriend’s house, 9277 S. 3825 West. Police said Spencer Greenway, 27, of West Jordan, became enraged when he learned that his girlfriend allegedly slept with Cross. Greenway is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Jealousy Method: Stabbing 


Photographs of Consuelo Alejandra Haynie, 52, right, and three of her children, 12-year-old Milan Haynie, 14-year-old Matthew Haynie, and 15-year-old Alexis Haynie, left to right, are displayed at a candlelight vigil for the Haynie family at City Park in Grantsville on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

5, 6, 7, 8. GRANTSVILLE, Jan 17. — Prosecutors say Colin Jeffery “CJ” Haynie, 16, stayed home from school and waited for each member of his family to come home that day so he could shoot and kill them. The killings of CJ Haynie’s mother, Consuelo Alejandra Haynie, 52, sister Milan Haynie, 12, sister Alexis Haynie, 15, and brother Matthew Haynie, 14, were spaced over four hours, police say. Colin Haynie, the father and husband, told police CJ said after the shootings that “his intention was to kill everyone in the house except himself,” charging documents state. CJ Haynie allegedly shot his father in the leg before he got the gun away from the teen. CJ Haynie is charged as an adult with four counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted aggravated murder, and five counts of discharge of a firearm. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shootings 


Ghorke Gwen


9. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 1 — Ghorke Gwen, 20, of Salt Lake City, was shot in the head in the parking lot of a multiunit apartment building near 700 North and 900 West. A friend later told officers “the shooting was in relation to complications from a drug deal,” police said. Esequiel David Torres, 18, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

10. MILLCREEK, Feb. 3 — Marc Dominic Neal, 56, was shot and killed by police after he pointed a realistic gun at officers following nearly 12 minutes of negotiations by the officers to get him to surrender. Neal lived in a trailer on the property owned by his mother, 2468 E. Evergreen Ave. (3400 South). The incident began as a domestic incident between Neal and his mother. The gun was later determined to be a realistic-looking metal replica. The officers — Aaron Lawrence, Rob Falser, Kaley Erickson, Michael Erickson, Chris Schroeder and Trevor Weeks — were determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 

11. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 5 — Manuel Andres Martinez, 20, of South Jordan, was shot and killed during an alleged drug deal. Martinez got into a vehicle with Ian Cameron Reddick, 19, of West Valley City, and Edgar Noel Aguilar, 20, of Kearns. Martinez allegedly grabbed a gun that was already in the car. That led to a struggle over the gun between Reddick and Martinez. Reddick wrestled the gun away from Martinez and shot him multiple times, charging documents state. The two men then dragged Martinez’s body out of the car and left him in the street. Reddick and his girlfriend were arrested a few days later in Texas. Reddick is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting 


Nathan Edgar Brower


12. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 7 —  Nathan Edgar Brower, 40, was shot and killed in his front yard, 3625 S. Deann Drive (6300 West), by his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Jeremy Reed Harris, 40, of Salt Lake City. The girlfriend, who was shot multiple times, was taken to a hospital in serious condition. About an hour later, Harris was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the shower of a stranger’s house he had entered about 3 ½ miles away. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting 


Dalton Wood

Lindquist Mortuary

13. NORTH OGDEN, Feb. 8 — Dalton Wood, 29, of North Ogden, was found deceased on the side of the road at 432 E. 1700 North with gunshot wounds to his chest and lower extremities. Ryan Joseph Dash, 32, of Ogden, and Brian Christopher Jenson, 28, of Brigham City, claimed Wood had threatened them after they assaulted his brother, but police say no other assault was reported. Dash, who was paroled from prison just three weeks earlier, is charged with aggravated murder; Jenson is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown, fight Method: Shooting


Natalie Thurber


14. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 10 — Natalie Thurber, 34, of Salt Lake City, was shot in her apartment during a domestic fight. Police had already been called to the apartment at 125 S. 300 East and arrived to hear Thurber screaming as she was allegedly being strangled by her boyfriend, Michael Tyson Nance, 30, of Layton. Officers broke open a window and ordered Nance at gunpoint to release Thurber. As Nance let go of Thurber and moved out of sight of the officers, he shot and killed her without provocation, police say. That was followed by an exchange of gunfire with police. One officer was shot in the leg. Nance shot himself and ran from the apartment. Despite the bullet entering Nance through his chin and exiting through the bridge of his nose, he survived his injury, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting 


Brian Francis Filion

Weber County Jail

15. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 13 — The U.S. Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Apprehension Team was looking for Brian Francis Filion, 41, of Salt Lake City, in connection with Dalton Wood’s death in North Ogden five days earlier. Near 400 East and 300 South, Filion was chased after coming out of an apartment and shot after he brandished a weapon. A Herriman police K-9 named Hondo also suffered fatal injuries during the confrontation. Herriman Police Sgt. Ben Ricks and officer Jared Holland with the Department of Homeland Security were both determined to be legally justified in the shooting. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 


Troy Carter

Serenity Funeral Home

16. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 26 — Police say Troy Carter, 27, was stabbed multiple times after getting into an argument with two men while giving them a ride and making them get out of his car near Peachwood Park, 3510 W. 3965 South. Carter’s half-brother had asked Carter to give his acquaintance, Colton Kloepfer, 20, and his acquaintance’s friend, Maison Pullman, 19, a ride to meet up with him. The men then began assaulting Carter and knocked him to the ground, police said. One of Carter’s friends, who was also in the vehicle, tried to intervene but one of the men allegedly slashed him in the hand with a knife. Carter died the next day at a hospital. Kloeopfer and Pullman are both charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Stabbing 


Linda Nemelka

Family photo

17. MILLCREEK, March 11 — Linda Nemelka, 57, had just finished eating dinner with a friend when she was shot in the driver’s seat of her car near 4600 South and 850 East while about to drive home. Unified police are still searching for the gunman and a motive but said it could have been a robbery gone bad since her wallet was missing. A $2,500 reward has been offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Motive: Possible robbery Method: Shooting 

18. KEARNS, March 11 — Police were called to a report of an unconscious man at 4803 S. Townsend Way (5245 West). Carlos Vizcarra-Corona, 33, of Kearns, was pronounced dead shortly after emergency crews arrived. His wife, Veronica Vizcarra, 30, told detectives her husband “has a serious alcohol problem and takes too much Tylenol.” She claimed bruises on his body were from a fight he had at work, but an autopsy determined Vizcarra-Corona died of blunt force trauma with a ruptured spleen and the manner of death was homicide. On Feb. 27 and on the day he died, police said Veronica Vizcarra beat him “with a staple gun and/or nail gun.” She was arrested for investigation of murder but no charges have been filed against her. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Assault 


Kannon Beesley


19. LAYTON, March 12 — Kannon Beesley, 18, was shot in his basement near 700 N. Fairfield Road, while his mother and two siblings were asleep upstairs. Michael Hines, 29, and Jeremiah Lorenzo Wright, 19, went to Beesley’s house allegedly to pay money Wright owed Beesley. But when Beesley pulled out a “large bag of marijuana,” Hines tried to take the marijuana, which led to a fight and Hines shooting Beesley in the chest, according to police. Beesley went upstairs to tell his mother what had happened. He later died at a hospital. Hines and Wright, identified as Beesley’s “best friend,” are both charged with murder. Charges say Wright told police the two planned to repay Beesley, then rob him of the drugs and money. Alleged motive: Drugs, robbery Method: Shooting


Caden Ferguson


20. OGDEN, March 14 — Caden Ferguson, 16, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his forehead at 325 Ninth Street. Brandon Parker, 17, told police, “I killed my best friend,” the charges state, and maintained the shooting was an accident. Parker claimed he had used cocaine earlier in the day and that he and his friend were using dab, a THC product, when the shooting occurred. Parker is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

21. TAYLORSVILLE, March 21 — Bryan Pena, 28, of Salt Lake City, was shot by police after a chase. Police were originally called on the report of shots fired and found Pena, who got out of a vehicle and began running down the sidewalk. The officers followed as Pena went over a fence into a backyard at 6303 S. Stokewater, which is a vacant home. Sometime during the incident, shots were fired, killing Pena. Information about how many officers fired their weapons and what led up to the shooting have not been released. Police did not say whether Pena had been involved in the original call when shots were first fired. The district attorney is reviewing the shooting. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

22. MILLCREEK, March 30 — Tevita Laloni, 32, of Salt Lake City, was found dead of a gunshot wound in front of an apartment complex, 229 E. Hill Ave. (4050 South). Police say surveillance video from the scene shows Derek Algernon Little, 35, pulling Laloni out of his apartment while Little’s girlfriend was also present. Little told police he was in a bedroom with Laloni when Laloni pulled out a loaded handgun, removed the magazine and tried to take the slide off the gun. He then allegedly handed the gun to Little. “Little stated that as he took the gun from (Laloni), when he handed it to him, the gun went off” and Laloni got shot. Little, of Millcreek, is charged with negligent homicide. Alleged motive: Negligence  Method: Shooting 

23. SALT LAKE CITY, April 10 — Robert Carter, 58, was found beaten to death inside the apartment of William Dennis Bradley at 1099 S. West Temple. Police reported finding Bradley, 54, “covered in blood” near 1300 S. Main while driving a golf car stolen from the Jefferson School Apartments. He “stated he had been in a fight with the Terminator and had to cut his head off,” according to charging documents. “Bradley told officers that they would find the body of the Terminator in his apartment.” Carter, who was believed to be homeless, was found dead in a bedroom. An autopsy determined Carter’s cause of death to be “blunt and sharp force trauma.” Bradley is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Assault 


Tony and Katherine Butterfield

Butterfield family photo

24, 25. WEST JORDAN, April 18 — Tony Butterfield, 31, and Katherine Butterfield, 30, were shot and killed at their home by Albert Enoch Johnson, 31, after he had earlier in the same night broken into their home and attempted to rob them at gunpoint. Prosecutors say a masked Johnson forced the couple from their bed and demanded money before eventually leaving with just $20 and a pair of cellphones. Johnson returned to the house once he realized that he had left his car keys there. Tony Butterfield recognized Johnson and asked him “why?” before trying to prevent him from reentering. Butterfield stabbed Johnson, prompting him to fatally shoot both Butterfields as their children were upstairs. Johnson, of West Jordan, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Motive: Robbery Method: Shootings


Kyler John Smith


26. MYTON, Duchesne County, April 30 — Kyler John Smith, 21, of Myton, was shot in the head while knocking on a neighbor’s door. Michael Raymond Reyburn, 59, told detectives he was holding a sawed-off shotgun as he went to answer the door when the weapon discharged and fired through the door, striking Smith in the head. Reyburn pleaded guilty to manslaughter. A competency review hearing is set for Jan. 4. Motive: Recklessness Method: Shooting


Miranda Schachinger


27. MIDVALE, May 1 — Miranda Schachinger, 26, a care coordinator at an assisted living facility who was attending nursing school, was found dead inside an apartment at Candlestick Lane Apartments, 170 E. 7800 South. Her boyfriend, Isaac Andre Renfro, 26 — who police say shot Schachinger — later shot and killed himself after a nearly three-hour standoff with police. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

28. SALT LAKE CITY, May 6 — The body of Daniel Schulz, 63, who was homeless, was found by a passerby at 456 W. 1700 South. He died as a result blunt force trauma, according to police. After reviewing “numerous hours of surveillance video,” police have asked for the public’s help in identifying a person of interest in the investigation. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault 

29. WASHINGTON, Washington County, May 7 — Police say Christopher Montgomery, 38, was shot in the chest and killed by his neighbor, Bradly Scott Hunt, 32, in the area of East Huntington Hill Drive on Hunt’s property. The two men had been in a fight earlier that day and Montgomery said he believed Montgomery planned to return with a gun, according to police. But police say the shooting did not meet the criteria for self-defense because Hunt grabbed a gun, went outside and allegedly shot Montgomery without saying a word. Hunt is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting

30. CEDAR CITY, May 10 — Officers were dispatched to the 100 West block of Sunset Drive about 10:40 p.m. on a report of shots fired. There, Jeremy Hunter, 47, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Police found Chaz Bennett, 26, a few blocks away holding two rifles. As officers commanded him to drop the guns, police said Bennett ran away for a short distance before shooting himself. He died two days later. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting


Robert Jalil Williams

Utah County Sheriff’s Office

31. VINEYARD, May 12 — A group went to an apartment in Vineyard, 125 N. Mill Road, with the intention of robbing the tenant of drugs and assaulting him because they believed he had assaulted one of their friends, police say. The tenant, however, shot at the intruders, killing Robert Jalil Williams, 20, of Salt Lake City. Detectives determined that it was an act of self-defense. Seven people, including two teenagers, were arrested for investigation of robbery: Antonio Fuerte Shearer-Davis, 20; Diego Fuentez, 18; and Sarh Sone Jabbah, 18, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and attempted burglary. Gabriel Little Hawk Trane, 21, faces the same charges. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting


Lopine “Chynna” Toilolo

Family photo

32. OGDEN, May 12 — Lopine “Chynna” Toilolo, 30, of West Jordan, was found dead at the mouth of Ogden Canyon near the river the same day her family reported her missing. Police said her boyfriend, Andy Dane Oketang Dennis, 36, of Pleasant View, strangled Toilolo before dragging her to the river. Two days before Toilolo’s body was found, neighbors reported that she was yelling, banging on their windows, and ringing doorbells about 4:40 a.m. Dennis is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Strangulation


Lewis Orlando Jensen


33. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 16 — Lewis Orlando Jensen, 18, was shot and killed at Kings Pointe Park, 1330 W. Rothchild Drive (3665 South), where two groups arranged to meet to settle an undisclosed conflict. As the two groups “started posturing,” Deivi Perez Prado Jr., 17, pulled out a handgun and stated, “This is what I got this for,” police said. Jensen rushed toward Prado in an attempt to grab the gun and was shot in the chest. Prado is charged as an adult with murder. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting


Chance Eggett


34. TOOELE, May 21 —  Chance Eggett, 21, of Sandy, was lured to a remote area in Tooele County under the guise of going target shooting, where he was shot and killed. Wyatt William Smelser, 20, of Cottonwood Heights; Hakop Jack Keshishian, 20, of Sandy; and Izaiah Kirkpatrick, 20, of Draper, are each charged with murder. Prosecutors later charged Kirkpatrick, the accused gunman, and Keshishian, the one who allegedly arranged to have Eggett killed, with capital murder. Keshishian said he wanted to kill Eggett “because he was running his mouth,” according to charges. Alleged motive: Retaliation, drugs Method: Shooting


Henry Wood

Premier Funeral Services

35. SANDY, May 22 — Henry Wood, 17, was shot and killed in front of his home at 1107 E. Saphire Drive. Police say James Edward Smith, 19, exchanged messages with Wood the day before the shooting and said Wood “was upset with him over a rumor” so he decided to go talk to him. On the way to Wood’s house, Smith said he picked up Emmanuel Espinoza, 20, who allegedly fired at Wood’s home eight times as they drove by. Smith and Espinoza, 20, are both charged with murder. A friend of Wood told police Smith had been giving him “a hard time” and he had asked Wood to talk to Smith about it. After the shooting, Smith sent the friend a message stating, “ur homie jus got smoked,” charges say. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting


Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal

Family photo

36. SALT LAKE CITY, May 23 — Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, 22, was shot and killed by police who were called to respond to a report of an aggravated robbery at the Trails Gentleman’s Club. Body camera footage shows officers chasing after him with guns drawn, one officer yelling over his police radio, “He’s got a gun in his pocket.” As Palacios reached the parking lot of Granary Storage, he stumbled and fell, got up, then fell again as police closed in. In body camera video, Palacios appears to point his gun at officers as he is on the ground. Police fired a total of 34 shots. The district attorney determined officers Neil Iversen and Kevin Fortuna were justified in using deadly force. The decision prompted multiple protests, including one at the district attorney’s office building that resulted in an estimated $200,000 damage and multiple criminal charges. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting


Ashlyn Black

Family photo

37. LAYTON, May 23 — Ashlyn Black, 25, of Layton, was killed after she agreed to go on a first date with a man she met on Tinder. Ethan Hunsaker, 24, picked up Black and took her back to his home, 1319 N. Reid Ave., where police say he choked her and stabbed her five to 10 times, then called police to say he had killed someone, according to charging documents. Hunsaker is charged with murder. Hunsaker has an unspecified mental illness, and recently had thought of ways to kill and kidnap others, court documents say. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing


Officer Nate Lyday

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

38, 39. OGDEN, May 28 — While responding to a domestic violence incident, Ogden police officer Nate Lyday, 24 — who had grown up in Ogden and had been with the department for 15 months — was shot and killed by John Benedict Coleman, 53. As Lyday and another officer approached Coleman’s front door, Coleman began firing through the door. Backup officers opened fire and Coleman was killed in the ensuing shootout. A second officer suffered injuries. The county attorney concluded the officers who shot Coleman were legally justified. Motive: Unknown domestic and justified defense Method: Shooting

40. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 28 — Melvin “Tony” Martinez, 39, who had been hired to do work for a homeowner near 2900 South and 3000 West, was shot five times and killed by a next-door neighbor who “had been disturbed by the construction noise,” according to police. Jesus Adolfo Valdez Jr., 30, of West Valley City, is charged with murder. His parents told police he was agitated before the shooting, stemming from an argument during which he broke a television and a bedroom door. Alleged motive: Noise Method: Shooting


Ezra and Seth Osborn


41, 42. SOUTH JORDAN, May 30 — Seth Osborn, 8, and Ezra Osborn, 10, were shot in their Daybreak home by their father, who then took his own life. Seth was found in the living room by his mother who rushed him to the hospital, where he later died. Police later discovered the bodies of Ezra and Brian Thomas Osborn, 41, in the basement. Police say Osborn and his wife had divorced several months earlier and had little contact with each other. But after COVID-19 forced schools and day care centers to shut down, the ex-wife needed someone to watch the children while she worked during the day, according to police. Motive: Unknown, domestic Method: Shootings 


Devin Perryman

Tooele Police Department

43. TOOELE, June 1 — Devin Perryman, 24, of West Valley City, was fatally wounded in a shootout after he and another man broke into a known drug house in Tooele with the intent of robbing the occupants, according to police. Perryman was shot multiple times and killed by Brandon Keith Burr, 38, according to charging documents. Burr then cleaned up all the shell casings in the house and took Perryman’s body to a remote location near Delle, Tooele County, and dumped it, police said. Burr was determined to be acting in self-defense, and he was not charged with Perryman’s death. He was, however, charged with desecration of a dead body and obstruction of justice. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

44. FAIRVIEW, Sanpete County, June 1 — Joseph Vallejos, 73, was shot and killed inside his home in the Hideaway Valley area. Michael Hartnell, 32, of Fairview, then called police after shooting his stepfather and waited for them to arrive, according to charging documents. Hartnell also told investigators he is mentally ill and “has schizophrenic episodes,” according to police. He is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic, mental illness Method: Shooting

45. VERNAL, June 3 — Joe Bosquez, 25, was found dead after being shot eight times at an apartment complex, 251 W. 400 North. Witnesses told officers they had seen Christopher Travis Herrera, 31, of Vernal, running through the area holding a pistol. Herrera is charged with murder. He told police he didn’t mean to kill him, but said Bosquez ”deserved it because of the way the victim was acting,” charges say. He said Bosquez had come over to talk about getting a gun from him. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

46. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 22 — Abdulraheem Al-Hisnawi, 49, was found with a gunshot wound to his stomach at an auto shop, 1430 W. 3500 South. Police learned that Al-Hisnawi had been in a fight with his former co-worker at the auto shop, Edwin Fong Carrillo, 40, of Salt Lake City. During the confrontation, Carrillo allegedly pulled out a gun. “The victim struggled with Edwin to gain control over the weapon but was unable to and was ultimately shot,” according to police. Fong-Carillo is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Motive: Shooting 


Jamal K. Goodman


47. ST. GEORGE, June 23 — Jamal K. Goodman, 23, was fatally shot in the chest. His roommate, Tommy James Bradshaw Jr., said Goodman — his “best friend” — had come back from swimming and pounded on Bradshaw’s bedroom door. Bradshaw responded by retrieving his gun, seeking out Goodman and shooting him in a closet, according to police. He told officers that the shooting was an accident and couldn’t believe the gun went off, but also allegedly admitted that “he has acted recklessly with his firearm in the past.” Bradshaw is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting


Edwin Reyes

Eternity Funerals

48. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 28 — Edwin B. Reyes, 17, was shot and killed in Peachwood Park, 3525 W. 3965 South, after police say a drug deal turned into a dispute and then a shootout. While the shooting death was determined to be self-defense, the other men involved in the incident, Saivontre Isiah Jordan Spillers, 25, of West Valley City, and Adrian Kordell Emanuel McCleary, 22, of Taylorsville, both face multiple drug and weapons charges. Motive: Self-defense, drugs Method: Shooting

49. RIVERDALE, Weber County, June 30 — Kyle James Wolf, 26, was stabbed in a field at a homeless camp by a power substation near 4155 Riverdale Drive. Wolf, originally from Kentucky, suffered 16 stab wounds and another man was critically injured in the attack. David Keith Wade, 48, who was also homeless, is charged with murder and attempted murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing


Stephanie Chavez

Family photo

50. OGDEN, July 1 — Stephanie Chavez, 40, was shot four times after she went to her estranged husband’s home to confront him about a prior altercation. Sergio Chavez, 41, of Ogden, is charged with murder and attempted murder, accused of shooting her and his estranged wife’s friend as she ran away from the residence. Stephanie Chavez’s stepfather said for the last seven months of their 20-year marriage, she suffered domestic violence and had recently moved out to protect her sons, ages 2 and 4. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting 


Gary Hall


51. ST. GEORGE, July 3 — Gary Dale Hall, 62, was found dead in his house by police who were called to conduct a welfare check after Hall failed to show up for work. He worked as a cook at Denny’s for nearly four decades. An autopsy found he sustained two gunshot wounds to the head. Hall’s roommate, Joshua Anthony Huntsman, 25, is charged with murder and was arrested in California. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting


Trinity Joan Leavitt


52. ST. GEORGE, July 9 — Trinity Joan Leavitt, 15, was shot by Anthony Vega, 18, of St. George, as he played with a handgun, pointing it at several individuals while pulling the trigger “multiple times” during a gathering with juveniles, court documents allege. When officers arrived at the residence, 2450 E. 600 North, about a half-dozen teens and young adults were gathered. Neither Leavitt nor Vega lived there. A witness said Vega and others had been smoking marijuana before the shooting. Police say two days before the fatal shooting, Vega and “other juveniles had stolen multiple firearms from a vehicle and attached garage of a residence.” Vega is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting


Lewis Yates Jr.

McDougal Funeral Homes

53. WEST VALLEY CITY, July 19 — Lewis Ricky Yates Jr., 50, was riding a bicycle near 3650 South and 2700 West when police say he was hit by his roommate, Shamil Marcu Bikul, 40, who then kept driving, “dragging (Yates) without slowing down.” Bikul then made a U-turn and struck Yates again at a high rate of speed, charges say. After he was arrested, Bikul allegedly told detectives that he is “full of rage” and was afraid of Yates. Bikul is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Vehicle


Aliani Mejia-Marin


54. SANDY, July 22 — Aliani Mejia-Marin, 18, of Sandy, was shot by a 14-year-old after a confrontation between Mejia-Marin’s husband and three juvenile members of a rival gang at 200 W. Eastgate Drive. The teenager, whom the Deseret News has chosen not to name at this time, was allegedly aiming for the husband when he killed Mejia-Marin, who lived on his street, according to court documents. The 14-year-old is charged with murder in juvenile court. Alleged motive: Gangs, fight Method: Shooting


Heidi Bentley


55. PROVIDENCE, Cache County, July 24 — Heidi Bentley, 38, was shot by her estranged husband, who then fatally shot himself at another location. Bentley had filed for protective orders against Michael Bentley, 38, and the two had been in court the day before the shooting. Police were called to Heidi Bentley’s residence when the person she was talking to on the phone heard her scream “No” followed by what sounded like gunshots, police said. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting


Andrew Preece

Dignity Memorial

56. SALT LAKE CITY, July 25 — Andrew Jacob Preece, 34, was shot by police while holding another man hostage with a knife to his neck outside a Smith’s grocery store, 455 S. 500 East. The two men, who employees say appeared to be intoxicated, originally entered the store together to shoplift undisclosed items, but then got into an argument with each other that carried over into the parking lot. Salt Lake police officers Seyedsherwin Mansourbeigi and Dorothy Rose Wilde were determined by the district attorney to be justified in using deadly force. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting


Kathryn Johansen Wells


57. MILLCREEK, July 31 — Kathryn Johansen Wells, 65, was shopping at Felt Lighting, 1220 E. 3300 South, on July 11 when she was pushed violently to the ground by a woman she did not know, according to police. She suffered three fractures to her pelvis and police say her health “deteriorated significantly” because of her injuries. She died on July 31 and the medical examiner determined the manner of death to be homicide. Cashell Kelly Carr, 45, is charged with homicide by assault. She became angry after employees asked her to stop hitting her 15-year-old son, then started damaging property in the store and pushed Wells, who was standing by the service counter, charges say. Police say her husband said Carr had recently been hospitalized for mental health issues. Motive: Unknown, possible mental illness Method: Assault


Cyrus Carpenter

Wiscombe Memorial

58. WEST JORDAN, Aug. 2 — Cyrus Carpenter, 17, of North Salt Lake, refused police commands to get out of a stolen truck after being pulled over near 2160 W. 7680 South. Two other boys, also under the age of 18, did follow officers’ commands and were detained. With no warning, Carpenter drew a gun and shot a West Jordan officer in the left shoulder just above his bulletproof vest, police say. Officer Gage Hoogveldt, shot back, killing Carpenter. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 


Andrew Shane Gwynn

Wiscombe Memorial

59. KEARNS, Aug. 4 — Andrew Shane Gwynn, 30, who is listed in court documents as homeless, was stopped by Unified police officer Leopoldo Lopez for an undisclosed reason. But while the officer was running Gwynn’s information on the laptop in his patrol car, Gwynn ran off, police said. The officer ran after him. At some point during the chase, Gwynn turned around and pointed a gun at Lopez, according to police. That’s when the officer fired his weapon, striking and killing Gwynn near 5400 South and 5400 West. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting


Aaron Michael Griffin

Laura Spencer

60. ROY, Aug. 8 — Aaron Michael Griffin, 21, of Plain City, and another man, were pulled over by Roy police on a traffic violation about 2 a.m. After a brief discussion with the officer, Griffin, who was driving, took off. A short time later, police learned that the vehicle was stopped in a field in Clinton near 2640 North and 1700 West. As officers approached the vehicle, Griffin fired shots at them, police say. Officers returned fire, killing Griffin. A police K-9 named Mik was shot in the face during the exchange of gunfire but survived. Friends say Griffin had relapsed on drugs and was ashamed of his actions and became suicidal but was unable to take his own life. The shooting was determined to be legally justified by the county attorney. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting


Matthew Milbelink

Starks Funeral Parlor

61. HOLLADAY, Aug. 11 — Matthew Hilbelink, 39, of Millcreek, was shot by Unified police Aug. 8 in a parking structure in Holladay. Police say they attempted to negotiate with the armed man for about 30 minutes before something happened, and they fired shots at Hilbelink. He died of his injuries three days later. The shooting is still under review by the district attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting


Luis Melendez Jr.


62. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 12 —  Luis Melendez Jr., 49, who was carrying a Pennsylvania ID card in his pocket, was found dead in the middle of the street at 50 E. Harrison Ave. He had been shot in the head. Siosiua Tonga Ositamani, 24, of Murray, told investigators that he and a friend had gotten into an argument with Melendez and that “he felt ‘belittled’ by the conversation and shot Melendez, according to charges. Ositamani is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting


Gustav Denecamp

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

63. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 15 — Gustav Denecamp, 27, was shot and killed inside Echo Nightclub, 134 W. Pierpoint Ave., after police say he had been kicked out of the club, then returned with a gun, got back inside and opened fire. An employee who had his own gun shot Denecamp, police said. No one else was injured. The shooting remains under review by the district attorney. Alleged motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting 

64. FARMINGTON, Aug. 16 — Shilo Marie Stewart, 34, of Fruit Heights, was stabbed and pushed out of her car as she was giving a ride to a man she had just met, Oscar Cuevas-Landa, 18, of West Valley City, according to police. While headed north on I-15 near Lagoon, Cuevas “believed (Stewart) looked at him wrong,” police said. An autopsy determined Stewart died from a combination of being stabbed and blunt force trauma to her head caused by being thrown from the car at freeway speed. Cuevas is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing, assault


Jonathan Buie


65. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 22 — Jonathan Buie, 34, who goes by the moniker “Miami,” was shot several times near 55 N. 800 West. A woman told investigators she and her fiance, Payton Akridge, 26, had driven to the area looking to buy heroin and Akridge had gotten out of the van to make a purchase, police said. But Buie allegedly called Akridge a “punk.” Akridge drove away, but then made a U-turn, drove past Buie again and shot him multiple times, charges say. Akridge is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting 


Stevie Shay Wilkerson


66. CEDAR CITY, Aug. 23 — The body of Stevie Shay Wilkerson, 26, of St. George, who had been missing since Aug. 9, was located in western Iron County. Maida Janet Martinez, 35; Joseph Edward Fought, 30, of North Carolina; and Brittany Elizabeth Phillips, 27, from Missouri, are accused of being in a vehicle with Wilkerson and taking her to the remote area where she was shot and killed. Martinez and Fought are each charged with capital murder and are accused of beating her in the car, then shooting her after taking her out of the vehicle. Phillips is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting


Damien Evans


67. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 27 — Damien Evans, 38, of West Valley City, refused police commands to stop, according to members of the Violent Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team who were pursuing a parole fugitive wanted by the Utah Department of Corrections and Adult Probation and Parole in the area of 1000 S. Main. “Officers began to pursue in vehicles and on foot and deployed the use of a K-9 to stop the suspect. As officers closed in, the subject pulled a firearm, and officers returned fire and hit the suspect,” police said. The shooting is still under review by the district attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 


Akosita Kaufusi

Unified police

68. MAGNA, Aug. 29 — The body of Akosita Kaufusi, 42, of Salt Lake City, was found by a jogger off the Frontage Road at the edge of Salt Lake County. Police said she had been shot around Aug. 15 and her body had remained in the area for about two weeks before she was found. A $1,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in her death was announced in December. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting 

69. CEDAR CITY, Aug. 31 — Human remains, believed to be those of Kay Gosewisch, 73, were found wrapped in a tarp and buried under newly poured concrete in an old root cellar in an outbuilding in the backyard of her residence. The remains had three distinct injuries on the head that appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma. Joshua James Glover, 32, is suspected in his mother’s death. Glover was already accused of withdrawing money from his mother’s bank account while she was missing. Glover is charged with abuse or desecration of a dead body. The remains have not been positively identified. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Assault 

70. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Sept. 2 — Riley Nagle, 26, of Salt Lake City, was stabbed in the apartment of Edward Jay Kennedy, 69, at 2880 S. 200 East. Kennedy told investigators that he became angry after believing Nagle had taken his cellphone, according to police, and then stabbed Nagle while he was lying on a bed. Kennedy is charged with murder. Police say Kennedy has a history of mental illness and the night before he had called Nagle saying he was mentally unstable and needed support. Alleged motive: Possible mental illness Method: Stabbing 


Robert Holladay


71. WEST JORDAN, Sept. 4 — Robert Holladay, 61, of West Jordan, spotted a truck that was stolen from him in the area of 9350 S. 1600 West and went to confront the driver, who was his daughter’s boyfriend. After opening the truck door and trying to pull the driver out, Gerrit David Tracy, 31, accelerated away while Holladay either hung on or was caught in the door, according to police. He was dragged a short distance before falling off. Holladay died from his injuries the next day. Tracy is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Theft Method: Vehicle assault

72. CEDAR CITY, Sept. 7 — John Daniel Sineath, 37, of Cedar City, died after being run over in the parking lot of Home Depot, 1518 S. Providence Center Drive. Witnesses told investigators the driver appeared to intentionally hit Sineath. Jacob Wayne Schmidt, 25, told his father “he had an argument with the victim and that the victim had beat Jacob up. Jacob told his father someone told him to just take the victim out, and from what Jacob’s father understood, Jacob ran the person over,” police said. Schmidt is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Vehicle assault


Jonathan Trujillo

Lindquist Mortuary

73. LAYTON, Sept. 12 — Police found Jonathan Trujillo, 34, of Layton, lying in the road near Church Street and Golden Avenue with multiple gunshot wounds. Police are investigating the shooting as a homicide and were investigating whether the shooting was connected to a drive-by shooting in Ogden that occurred within 24 hours. No arrests have been made. His obituary says he was a master mechanic. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting 


Clay Reynolds

Reynolds family photo

74. BOUNTIFUL, Sept. 15 — Officers responded to a call of a man with a rifle, bow and arrow, and knife outside Viewmont High School just after 10:30 p.m. When Clay Reynolds, 27, of Bountiful, saw police approaching, he picked up a shotgun. Despite efforts to deescalate the situation, officers fatally shot Reynolds when he raised the shotgun and fired, according to police. Reynolds’ family called his death a suicide and said he had a history of mental illness. The shooting remains under review by the county attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 


Matthew Knowlden


75. MIDVALE, Sept. 18 — Matthew Cameron Knowlden, 22, of Salt Lake City, was shot by Unified police after officers say he fired a round at them as he was fleeing. Investigators had been looking for another man, Joseph J. Schultz, wanted in connection with several robberies and drive-by shootings. After spotting that man’s vehicle and disabling it, several people, including Knowlden, got out and ran. The shooting is still under review by the district attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

76. HURRICANE, Washington County, Sept. 23 — Emergency dispatchers received a call from a man who said he’d just shot his wife, Florence Bell Slaton, 87, and he was going to shoot himself, police said. Officers responded to his residence, 149 Ash St., surrounded it and attempted to contact Slaton. After receiving no response, officers entered and found the bodies of Slaton and her husband, Arvid Boothe Slaton, 90. Motive: Murder-suicide, domestic Method: Shooting 


Kaitlyn Barron


77. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Sept. 28 — The body of Kaitlyn Barron, 23, of Salt Lake City, was found partially nude with visible injuries to her face and head in a rear parking lot at 2550 S. 300 West. A large “wedge-shaped rock covered in blood and hair” was found near Barron’s body, according to police. Jovanie Alejandro Silva, 22, who is listed in court documents as homeless, is charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

78. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 6 — David Almazan, 22, was found dead of a gunshot wound in the area of 700 East and 1700 South. His roommate, Ezekiel Sedale Mayblen, 24, was arrested for investigation of murder. Officers arrived and found Mayblen, who at first said there had been a shootout between two people and his gun was used, according to police. He then allegedly told investigators that his roommate had used Mayblen’s gun to shoot himself. No charges have been filed in the case. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

79. TOOELE, Oct. 17 — Tutuila “Ben” Pine Koonwaiyou, 27, was shot by police after holding a woman hostage for hours — at times using her as as shield from officers — in a strip mall parking lot on Main Street near 1200 North. The woman, 36, had a protective order against Koonwaiyou. At first, he forced the woman and a boy, believed to be a young teen, inside his car at gunpoint, police said. The boy was eventually allowed to leave the car. Two hours later, police said Koonwaiyou went for his gun as officers were confronting him and he was shot and killed. The woman also sustained injuries that police have called serious. The shooting remains under review by the county attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 

80. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 18 — Domnyk Marez, 25, of Kansas, was killed and two others wounded after police say a man opened fire while they were sitting in their vehicle near Tanner Park, 2695 E. Heritage Way, following a drug deal gone bad. A female in the vehicle suffered a gunshot wound that went through her arm and into her chest. Another male suffered four gunshot wounds in his right leg and right hand and had to have a finger amputated. The woman later told police that she had arranged to buy marijuana from Andrew Whatcott, 17, of Herriman. When they met, they disagreed over the price and started arguing, culminating in Whatcott allegedly shooting those inside the car. Whatcott is charged as an adult with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs, fight Method: Shooting


Manuel Felipe Gonzalez


81. MILLCREEK, Oct. 18 — Manuel Felipe Gonzalez-Cortez, 21, of Colombia, was shot in front of a car wash near 635 W. 3900 South. Police found him after receiving a 911 call reporting a gunshot victim. Gonzalez was staying with his girlfriend nearby when he left to walk to a nearby convenience store. No arrests had been made in the case. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting 


Carol Donlay


82. TAYLORSVILLE, Oct. 23 — Carol Zittelle Donlay, 84, was found dead of multiple stab wounds in her bed at 1215 W. Middlesex Road. When questioned by detectives, Donlay’s live-in daughter, Lori Lee Donlay, 58, claimed she was “tired and sick of dealing with people,” noting that her mother “was always accusing Lori of stealing from her,” charges say. Family members said Donlay has a long history of mental illness and that they had tried for years to get her help. Donlay is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic, possible mental illness Method: Stabbing


Cody Jay Hadley


83. HUNTSVILLE, Weber County, Oct. 23 — Cody Jay Hadley, 32, of Huntsville, was shot and killed by Weber County sheriff’s deputies after they say he pointed a gun at them and charged them. Police were originally called after Hadley tried to break into a trailer and fired several shots. When deputies arrived, Hadley raised a handgun and pointed it at them. After yelling several times, “Drop the gun!” deputies fired at least seven shots. Investigators believe Hadley was high on methamphetamine and distraught over family issues. The shooting is under review by the county attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

84. TOOELE, Oct. 24 — While responding to a fire in Soldier Canyon, which forced the evacuation of the canyon, firefighters found the body of Vincent Howard Beazel, 60, of Stansbury Park, at the edge of where the fire had started. Police determined Beazel had been shot and are treating his death as a homicide. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting


Isaac Christensen


85. HERRIMAN, Oct. 27 — Isaac Lemoine Christensen, 38, of Salt Lake City, was shot by two Herriman police officers who had been called to the area of 5300 West and Solafax Lane (13300 South) on a report of an armed man violating a protective order. As officers arrived, they heard several gunshots and confronted Christensen, who at some point “presented a threat” and was killed, according to police. The district attorney is investigating the shooting. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting 


Utahna Halona with her children.

Family photo

86. MIDVALE, Oct. 28 — Utahna Halona Erickson, 41, was stabbed by her husband, John Weston Erickson, 41, inside their home near 115 W. Settlement Circle, police say. The couple’s two children, an 11-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl, ran from the house trying to get help as the attack was occurring. The girl suffered a cut to her hand while trying to protect her mother. John Erickson was hospitalized for several days with self-inflicted stab wounds. He is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing


Teresa Alires


87. MIDVALE, Nov. 6 — Teresa Marie Alires, 39, of Salt Lake City, was shot outside a hotel near 6962 S. Bingham Junction Blvd. Tyler Wade Shirreffs, 36, was also shot and ran into a nearby Winco store where he received help. Police believe Alires shot Shirreffs, who then wrestled the gun away from her and fatally shot her. Shirreffs said Alires first approached him and his girlfriend who were in a car, demanded money and then shot him. But police say the girlfriend told them she had broken up with Shirreffs and started a relationship with Alires, who had texted her about wanting to “blast out” Shirreffs. Shirreffs was sent back to prison on a parole violation. No charges have been filed. Motive: Unknown, possible love triangle Method: Shooting 


Gina Whitaker Russell


88. HUNTSVILLE, Weber County, Nov. 10 — Gina Whitaker Russell, 50, was shot five times by her husband, Scott William Russell, 53. Before the shooting, Russell’s son had a phone call with his dad in which he said he was “acting very erratic” before the son heard something that sounded like a gun cocking and “commotion.” Russell was charged with murder, but he was found dead three days later in his wrecked SUV near Pineview Reservoir after what appeared to be an accident. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting 

89. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 13 — Police say Ryan Outlaw, 39, and his live-in girlfriend Fernanda Tobar, 22, got into an argument at their apartment near 200 E. South Temple over alleged infidelity. When officers arrived, they found Tobar and Outlaw exiting an elevator into the lobby. Outlaw was bleeding from his chest and collapsed. When interviewed, Tobar allegedly said she was “hitting” Outlaw with a knife. Tobar is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Domestic, fight Method: Stabbing

90. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 14 — Angelo Martinez, 18, was shot near 950 S. 1100 West and later died. Another man, believed to be 17 or 18, was found injured not far away near 945 S. 900 West, where a vehicle reported to have been involved in the initial shooting was also located. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting 

91. WEST JORDAN, Nov. 19 — Raymond Ortiz Jr., 39, of Santa Rosa, California, was shot after allegedly being set up by his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Sarah Elaine Lobato, 20, of Kearns, arranged to meet Ortiz in the area of 7000 South and 5200 late at night. When she arrived, Jayton Trevor Merrill, 18, of Grantsville, shot and killed Ortiz while Labato stole a large amount of drugs from his vehicle, according to charges. Merrill and Lobato are each charged with murder. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting


Roman Karpunin


92. KEARNS, Nov. 21 — Roman Karpunin, 16, of Centerville, was shot and killed while he and friends were pretending to be cops, according to court documents. Karpunin was at the house of Kaden Nathan Christiansen, 18, with others to “hang out,” police said. At some point during the night, Karpunin’s brother said he heard a gunshot then turned around and saw his brother on the floor. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that (expletive),” Christiansen allegedly said. Christiansen told investigators the boys were pretending to be police officers when he aimed the gun at Karpunin’s back and pulled the trigger. Christiansen is charged with manslaughter. Alleged motive: Recklessness Method: Shooting

93. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 24 — The body of Michael Paul Furbush, 31, was found in a field at 1075 S. Redwood. Furbush was homeless and staying in the field with others. A cause of death was not released but police are calling it a homicide. Detectives are looking for a person of interest who was last seen on Nov. 23 at 5:15 p.m. on Redwood Road at California Avenue. The man was wearing dark clothing and pushing a bicycle with a child carrier trailer attached. The trailer contained a grey and red tent and a blue tarp. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown 

94. NEPHI, Nov. 27 — Michael Caussey, 56, of Santaquin, was shot in the head by a man breaking up a fight in his truck, according to police. Caussey was in a truck drinking alcohol with Troy James Pexton, 56, and Randy Blackett, 41, both of Nephi. A fistfight broke out between Caussey and Blackett, prompting Pexton to shoot Caussey in the head, charges state. His body was then dumped in a remote area in Juab County. Pexton is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting


Miguel Angel Prado


95. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 6 — Miguel Angel Prado, 23, was killed and a woman he lived with wounded at the Milagro Apartments, 241 W. 200 South. The incident started with a fight inside their apartment, where they had invited people over for a party. As Lennyn Barrios-Peralta, 22, and his girlfriend were leaving, Barrios took out a gun and racked it, police say. When they reached the elevator, Prado came toward Barrios and Jaquelyne Sanudo, 20, stepped between them. Prado was shot twice and Sanudo three times, but Sanudo survived. Barrios is charged with murder. Andrea Martina Velez, 19, of Salt Lake City, is charged with obstructing justice. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

96. CLEARFIELD, Dec. 7 — The body of Kelly Robert Bodily, 53, was discovered in his residence at 352 N. Bruce Street. Police say he had been shot twice and was found on his back clutching a baseball bat. Residents living in a basement apartment heard a commotion upstairs about 11 p.m. on Dec. 5 but assumed it was nothing serious. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting 

97. MURRAY, Dec. 11 — Jak Yiek Mun, 34, of Murray, was in a parked car when police say he got into an argument with at least two others near Main Street and Fireclay Avenue. He was shot and tried to drive away but hit a building. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting

98. FARMINGTON, Dec, 13 — Robert Joseph Evans, 29, of Farmington, was shot by police near 650 W. State after crashing his car into a Farmington police patrol vehicle and then approaching officers while carrying a weapon. Farmington police and Utah Highway Patrol troopers were investigating a separate stolen vehicle incident when Evans crashed into them. He is not believed to have any connection to the stolen vehicle. An officer and a trooper fired at Williams. The shooting is under review by the county attorney. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

99. VERNAL, Dec. 14 — Zack Peck, 2, was shot and killed by his mother who had previously made “plans to commit the act,” according to police. Valerie Peck, 40, is accused of driving with her son to a campground in a remote area of Uintah County and shooting him while he was in his car seat. She then attempted to take her own life, shooting herself twice, but was unsuccessful. Peck then drove around Uintah County with the child's body for hours before investigators found her. She is charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting


Salesi Tuivailala Katoa


100. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 22 — Salesi Tuivailala Katoa, 37, of Salt Lake City, was found dead from seven gunshot wounds inside a car near Kensington Avenue and State Street. During an altercation over the theft of some watches inside nearby Kings Lounge, Kasim Sheikh-Mumin, 41, shot Katoa, according to charging documents. A 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were also shot. Sheikh-Mumin is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Robbery, retaliation Method: Shooting

101. SPRINGVILLE, Dec. 23 — Victoria Ramirez, 43, of Springville, was shot by her son Mike Lopez, 23, during dinner at their home at 944 S. 1000 East, police said. When Lopez pointed a shotgun at his mother over their kitchen table, she responded, “I know you’re going to kill me,” according to a police affidavit. Lopez shot his mother once in the neck after exchanging nods with his 14-year-old sister, who police said he then danced with. A 17-year-old sister who witnessed the shooting locked herself in a bathroom and climbed out the window, then ran from the home and called her adult sister, who called police. Lopez is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

102. RIVERDALE, Weber County, Dec. 25 — Trevor Anthony Martin, 36, and a 42-year-old woman were shot at a mobile home park at 5100 S. 1050 West. Martin later died at a hospital. Rayburn Jimmy Bennett, 16, of West Valley City; Brittany Rogers, 31, of Clearfield; and Liam Gale, 31, are each charged with murder. Police say the trio went to the home to commit a robbery and say Bennett was the gunman. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

103. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 31 — Thompson Kamara, 21, and another person were shot outside the Corner Stop convenience store, 203 E. Hampton Ave. (1200 South). Thompson had been worked at the store that evening. The first officers arrived to find several people screaming. The victims were outside the store when a gray Nissan Altima pulled up and a gunman got out of the vehicle and fired seven to 10 shots, then got back in the car and drove off. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting