Several members of Utah’s all-Republican congressional delegation took to social media after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Thursday night to give their take on what was said.

Sen. Mitt Romney called the speech “highly political” and was frustrated by the president’s remarks on Republicans and Social Security. He also had some praise for the president’s remarks on foreign policy.

Sen. Mike Lee also criticized the president’s remarks, disagreeing with his takes on foreign policy, the border and the economy.

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Sen. Mike Lee

Lee shared reactions to Biden’s address throughout the evening on X. After Biden’s remarks, Lee released his response, where he said “President Biden painted a picture untethered from reality. What we saw is a president who puts America last.”

Lee expressed frustration over Biden’s request for additional funding for Ukraine and said Biden wasn’t doing enough to protect America’s border using laws already on the books.

He spoke about the “tragic case of Laken Riley,” a young woman who was killed in Georgia. He said her death was “a reminder of the human cost of this utter abdication of duty” to protect the border.

On Biden’s positive remarks about the economy, Lee said, “The president’s claims of presiding over the ‘strongest economy in the world’ ring hollow — very hollow in the ears of Americans still reeling from the rampant federal spending that’s become a hallmark of his administration.”

Lee said the middle class has been “squeezed” with “prices soaring to unprecedented heights.”

“The state of our union is in shambles and we need a strong leader,” said Lee, who has endorsed former President Donald Trump. “We need a president who will put America first, lead with strength, secure our borders, and ensure the next generation of Americans won’t bear the burden of our fiscal irresponsibility.”

Sen. Mitt Romney

After the speech, Romney shared his reaction to Biden’s speech on X, where he said, “My own view is that what you saw tonight was a highly political speech. And it’s not going to move the needle.”

Romney praised Biden for calling for additional aid to Ukraine, and for expressing support for Israel in its war with Hamas.

“I think on foreign policy he did a good job. It is very much in America’s interest to see Ukraine push back against (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” said Romney.

“He also spoke, I thought, well, with regards to Israel and also with regards to the need to help the Palestinian individuals and Gaza with humanitarian aid,” he said.

Romney had a different view on Biden’s take on domestic policy, calling it the “same old liberal playbook.”

“I mean, there were some new chapters, but the same idea, which is ‘here’s some things I’m going to give you. Here’s some more things I’m going to give you. ... I’m going to crack down on big companies and rich people.’”

Romney said Biden took “cheap shots” at Republicans over Social Security. “That’s just simply wrong. And everybody knows that there’s not a Republican in the House or the Senate that is talking about cutting Social Security, or is in favor of cutting Social Security.”

Biden’s greatest mistake, said Romney, was “he really never talked about how we’re going to deal with the deficit and the debt. And the debt is enormous. It poses a threat to us.”

Rep. Blake Moore, 1st District

In a statement, Moore said he found Biden’s address “divisive.”

“I was expecting President Biden to use tonight’s State of the Union address to find common ground and inspire a shared vision for America,” he said. “Instead, the President delivered a divisive campaign speech. If we want to find real solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges, we must come together.”

Moore said he agreed with Biden on supporting the military and finding a solution on Ukraine, but said he was “disappointed” Biden blamed Republicans for “his border crisis.”

“Rather than wasting time with convenient political posturing, President Biden could and should reinstate the many effective, data-driven border policies from the Trump-Pence Administration and end the most catastrophic border crisis our nation has ever seen,” said Moore, who is in a leadership position in the House.

On foreign aid, Moore said the government’s focus “must be on safely returning the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas. They must be reunited with their families as soon as possible.”

“I am glad the administration has worked with Israel to develop stronger aid corridors for innocent civilians while Israel continues to fight to defeat Hamas. However, we cannot forget that other regional players have a responsibility to step up as well,” said Moore. “Last week, I led a bipartisan letter to Secretary Blinken outlining the major logistical issues within Egypt that are hurting faith-based and humanitarian groups on the ground and preventing them from getting aid into Rafah. It is incumbent on Egypt and regional players to assist in this critical situation, not solely the U.S.”

Moore said he still believes lawmakers can “come together to build meaningful solutions,” pointing to the work that’s been done in the House Ways and Means and Budget committees.

Rep. Burgess Owens, 4th District

Owens released a statement on social media, criticizing the president.

“No speech will change what Americans know: with President Joe Biden in the White House, our nation is less prosperous, less safe, and less free,” Owens said on social media. “From the crisis at our southern border, the rise in violent crime and lawlessness, to skyrocketing prices and a weaponized government, the state of our union is undoubtedly in decline because of this administration’s failures.”

“President Joe Biden’s detachment from the harsh realities Americans face every day speaks volumes. November can’t come soon enough.”