A little brown guinea pig named Molly channeled her inner basketball star power and beat the Guinness world record for the most slam dunks in 30 seconds by a guinea pig.

Molly performed four slam dunks in 30 seconds to break the record in the apartment in Hungary where she lives with her owner, per USA Today.

The official Guinness World Records Instagram account posted a video last week featuring the tiny baller.

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“We can’t wait to see if this adorable record-holder will best her own record, or go for more challenges in the future,” Guinness stated on the article about her record.

Molly’s owner, Emma Müller, also told Guinness that she has seen Molly dunk eight times in 30 seconds, but four was still enough to shatter the record.

Other animals that have broken Guinness world records include a tortoise named Jonathan, who is the world’s oldest living terrestrial animal, and a Great Dane in Texas who was crowned the world’s tallest dog last month, according to Newsweek.

The current record-holder for the most 360 basketball slam dunks in 30 seconds is Christon Staples, with six slam dunks, per Guinness.

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