Kaibrienne Richins has pushed through a lot of self-doubt and nerves to get where she is on “American Idol.”

Since her audition for the show, the singer from the small town of Henefer, Utah, has been praised for her raspy voice and the emotion that she brings to her performances. When Richins made the competition’s top 24, “Idol” judge Katy Perry told the 20-year-old she has “one of our more unique voices.”

Now, Richins has made it to the “American Idol” top 14, the show revealed Monday night.

Here’s a look at Richins’ most recent appearance on “Idol” — her first live performance on the show — and how it secured her spot in the top 14.

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Kaibrienne Richins performs an original song for ‘American Idol’ top 20 round

Richins opted to go in a different direction for her top 20 performance on “American Idol” Sunday night, singing an original song she wrote titled “girl i am now.” The song, she said during the episode, is “a love letter to (her) younger self.”

The performance, featuring Richins at the piano, marked the first live episode of the season. Richins was visibly nervous as she performed, and stopped a couple of times to regain her composure. But she kept pushing through and finished the song, which received a standing ovation from all three “Idol” judges.

“I think it’s kind of boring when somebody’s perfect,” Perry said. “Because I think that we’ve all been there, we all relate to this, there’s humanity in that performance. Don’t worry about falling apart in front of our eyes. I think ‘American Idol’ is a safe place to fall apart.”

“Idol” judge Lionel Richie added that the performance reminded him of an appearance at Madison Square Garden, where he said he “had a nervous breakdown” and struggled to get through a song.

“I kept stopping and starting, and finally, I got through the song,” he said. “And you know what the review said? The only song that made everyone cry. What I’m saying to you is, you got us on that performance.”

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Did Kaibrienne Richins make the ‘American Idol’ top 14?

“American Idol” revealed the competition’s top 14 Monday night. Ten of those singers — including Richins — were selected by viewers at home, while the “Idol” judges selected the final four to round out the top 14.

“I’m just so grateful for this opportunity and all the overwhelming love and support I have received!!” Richins previously wrote in an email to the Deseret News. “And don’t forget to VOTE.”

Who made the ‘American Idol’ top 14?

In addition to Richins, the following singers made the top 14:

  • McKenna Faith Breinholt.
  • Jack Blocker.
  • Mia Matthews.
  • Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen.
  • Will Moseley.
  • Abi Carter.
  • Kaibrienne Richins.
  • Emmy Russell.
  • Julia Gagnon.
  • Triston Harper.
  • Jayna Elise.
  • Jordan Anthony.
  • Nya.
  • Roman Collins.

The top 14 “Idol” contestants will perform again on Sunday, April 21, in a rock ‘n’ roll-themed program, with the show revealing the top 12 at the end of the episode, per the Deseret News.